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F-11 Pro Edition comes with many expectations ayabhenjarsa


Brand New Marvel ayabhenjarsa Limited Edition F-11 Pro smartphone officially announced the release of the Chinese smartphone market, waiting for the company. Booking in advance device 8 will be available from April 03, my 2019 from the date of the smartphone market.

Limited edition phone was evaluated Rs 4 990 thousand.

Ayabhenjarsa smartphone on specific designs and sheep come. Space was named Blue. Hexagonal shape design on a blue background phone apora byakakabhare Signatures gradient effect. The color of light changes. Blue Steel with & # 39 is on the part of the color in the center ribartita Blüte north. As well as any of the & # 39; the object of negotiations between the dynamic and mysterious universe.

Thick smartphone classic red blue background, red ayabhenjarsa lock «A». Button next to the red switch. Partial results on the rear side of the chamber are filled with logos and logo with the aesthetics of ayabhenjarsera logo. Where emphasis was placed on ayabhenjarsera.

In addition, to ensure the protection of each and every smartphone smartphone casing with the Captain America theme. And also a special center, which is designed to give the smartphone, to provide additional security and stability.

F-11 Pro Limited Edition Marvel ayabhenjarsa instead of waiting for the user appears to be as strong as a super hero. The reason for this with the & # 39; is the beginning of the graphic features Captain America. Basic phone design motif. After Iron Man armor and can fly as high-tech as a rising high-tech smart phone camera. Thor the god of thunder, so the phone is removed from the phone bajragatite 3,0 bhuka flash is charging.

Halk strong as 6 GB of RAM and a 128 GB ramao smartphone has this powerful smartphone. Elite agents such as Black Widow very flexible and efficient, as a result of hyper-buster, which will work with any smartaphonatio without any trouble.

Finally, skilled archer hakaai, such as the F-11 Pro Limited Edition Marvel ayabhenjarsa dual 48-megapixel rear camera that can capture images of every detail and make images clearer picture.

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