Friday , November 15 2019
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fraud against amisara


Patel fraud case has been filed against Bollywood actress Amisa. Producer Ajay Kumar Singh, two and a half crore fraud case against the actress in recent times. Rancho Jharkhand state of India, is known to have been filed in court. Producer Ajay Kumar argued in court, "Desi Magic" is the name of the movie about the creation of Amisa and his partner Ajay Kuhn disappearances took two and a half million rupees. They promised to return the money with interest. On behalf of the three of them ajayake received a check for Rs. However, the face of the bank check. And they will not be reimbursed ajayake said. Meanwhile, police are investigating the case. However, this issue has been very bipakei Amisa. The new name came into discussion. No statement in this regard, but still found amisara.

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