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GP hike


The speed increases due to the significant market power, the accumulated mobile operator Grameenphone restrictions. According to the new call with a speed & # 39 is a low speed call to 5 coins added to the GP.



That is, where at least 45 per minute to Vodafone users can talk, there are currently 50 to go.

Furthermore, the average frequency of 70 calls per minute Paisa GP. Grameenphone customers as a result of the additional effect of increasing interest rates.

to regulate Bangladesh Telecommunication Commission (BTRC) announced its decision at a meeting on Tuesday. BTRC letter to GP will issue to raise rates.

BTRC earlier April 17, attended a meeting of the prime minister's & # 39; er-Minister of Information and Communications Technology Minister Joy. Postal, telecommunications and tathyaprayuktimantri Haq Mustafa Jabbar chaired a meeting of senior officials was attended by the chairman of BTRC fruitful.

Inter-connection or connection fees, as well as to improve GP hayecheantahsanyoga charge for the call rate from the operator when the operator calls, you can call the operator that they receive a certain amount of money. The charges will be added to the new 5 to go. But GP calls from other operators will continue ageratai interconnection costs.



In addition to this operator quality of service will keep a close eye on the excess. If the service quality is not of the & # 39 is satisfactory up to a certain time, a new customer growth can be prohibited.

Earlier, on March 19 to lift restrictions on Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Some of the limitations due to the complexity of the process and start a new commission.

GP was announced in February, as the accumulated operator. Bodies of four restrictions.

The law, however, does not completely go to the introduction of conditions for lifting the ban, to start a new process.

It was in the process of moving to impose restrictions on their accumulated announced operators asked loop.

On March 19, within 15 days of the Commission's GP wants. The operator said its opinion.

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