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IPL leaves Warner, emotional message about social media


Cricket is back with a one-year ban. As a result, IPL namata was a challenge for him. Persecution was also there, as well as his return to the national team. David Warner was able to get really challenged. 1 Sunrisers Hyderabad innings and 692 runs at an average of 1 ton and 8 haphasencurite 6920. Strike retatao large, about fifty.

Warner High Run-getter in the IPL so far this year. There's no one near him. Rahul 17 passes behind the location of the nearest manifold. Meanwhile, David returned to Australia in the Indian league. For the national team preparing for the World Cup ekatai join the camp.

However, he was unable to finish the tournament with a great rhythm a little disappointed Warner. But to say a number. So returns. Earlier, Hyderabad teammates, fans for the fans gave an emotional message.

Warner writes Instagram social media support and assistance that I received from family & # 39; and Hyderabad, on the contrary, to express my gratitude, I do not know the language. Not only this season, the rooms have the same support. Apeksata to join the team was too long, too, and everyone wanted to play.

Aussie opener writes, saying the team owner, welcomed me with an open heart, support staff, players, teams and fans on social networks, thanks to the mind. Rotating the middle of the road to join by the time I enjoyed. All the best for the rest of the tournament after subhakamana you're done.

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