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Jute mill fire in Narsingdi!


The fire started in Narsingdi iuemasi Jute Mill. Saturday (March 30) An assessment of the match units fire at 10 pm.

Hearing news Narsingdi Sadar, Madhabdi Shibpur fire and the fire control unit 4 about 1 hour.

Said fire originated from the electric firing circuit 39 from & # is the basic concept. There have been no reports of casualties in the fire, they were reportedly injured.

The fire also gutted many of jute and jute products, he said.

Narsingdi Fire Department Assistant Director. Shahajhan Siraj said the fire originated from an electric shot sarkitai wait. The fire spread quickly because of jute products. Thus, the rate of fire was brought under control.

CEO, said the match. Shahajhan Mia said, put out the fire at one of our employees were injured. The amount of damages will be determined after a fire.

On the same day in the capital, Dhaka North City Corporation (dienasisi) Bazaar fire.

Earlier Thursday, a devastating fire tower in BANANI FR. At least 6 people have been killed so far. Many of the wounded in hospital receiving treatment.

February 1 the old town rooted in the hearts of people are still mourning the cakabajarera cugihattaya fire.

The devastating global conflagration saradesasaha was shocked. After the incident, what will happen after the fire. People are worried.

February and March are always on fire in different parts of the country. Fire service personnel struggling to contain the fire to eat. Their tireless efforts to escape from the fire, to avoid the loss of many lives and bararakamera.

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