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Karunaratne alcoholics and wounded people have been arrested


Sri Lanka Cricket has moved more example of how the environment. On the one hand clutter. On the other hand, candika hathurusinhe coach under fire. Now member of the group was arrested Dimut Karunaratne.

Karunaratne was expected to take on the burden of leadership in the upcoming World Cup. The wounded man was driving drunk in karunaratnei. One person injured in the driver's three-wheeler. Sunday (31 March) the police arrested him Colombo n & # 39; yanym.

Karunaratne car collided with three Wheeler, but fortunately, injuring the driver survived. He is being treated at a hospital in Colombo.

Borelaya 5 am local time, 40 minutes karunaratneke arrested. Although bail on Monday (1 April) and will be held in the court this week. In addition, the Board of sentence, the court will be punished.

The Council will decide on them only after the court decision. It is estimated that for a long time or permanently ban the bat.

Bangladesh time: 1321 hours, 31 May 2019

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