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Mahi collided with a private bus – Colorslife24


mahi Mahiya

Traffic accidents are increasing. Many people are always the victims of road accidents. A few days ago the popular singer Khurshid Alam was suras & # 39; ozna wounded. The artist continues to suffer. Evidence affected by the accident Mahiya Mahi popular heroine of the film. She barely escaped, but his car was damaged.

Durjoy Bhairab bus accident on Monday met on the popular actress. However, going to the cinema to shoot Big Dhaka. Durjoy Bhairab, «Boss Travel» Dhaka-mahakhaligami intersection with the & # 39 is the name of a bus collided with a private car Mahi.

The front of the car accident hedalaitasaha Mahiya private car quite damaged. Mahi was to cooperate with the local police. Bhairab police reported the incident to the police, "Transport Bus Boss brings police station. Mahi was present at the police station with his car.

Bhairab police officer who is responsible for transporting news boss Mohammad Mizaner Mukhlesur Rahman Rahman Patwari was fined by the fact that the compensation babata 15.

mahi Mahiya

Mahiya Mahi actress said: "I do not drive. Bus stop Bhairab in the fire of my car, my car suddenly got into the bus. My car was damaged. There may be more than an accident.

I complained to the police, they have contributed. The resulting coating. It's not easy, asecetana way of driving a lot of people are constantly dying. I would like to open the road accidents in the country, as a citizen. "

Mohammad Mokhlesur rajamana Bhairab police officer in charge, said: "One of the most popular heroine Mahal Mahiya. After the accident responsible for the accident investigation has been proven Dhaka bus paribahanara boss. The incident was resolved. We collected 15,000 rupees compensation through negotiations. "

However, after the accident, the police again started Sreemangal Mahal. Sit at 10 pm on Monday evening, 15 thousand rupees as compensation to the owner of transportation at night to develop a number of stars Mahi sent the money to the police station, police said.

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