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Mashrafe apologized to the doctor, but …


Nora Sadar Hospital on April 5 to go to the local deputy Mashrafe Mortaza. Four doctors are missing, he binachutite. He made the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

Mashrafe a surprise visit to the event through social media viral. Notice of the first four physicians. The Ministry of Health has been suspended on Monday.

After the incident, the medical community and society opposite reaction. Therefore, from the viewpoint of pressure before. In these circumstances, he said, I think we made the right decision. The doctor calls a day, but if you get in trouble, but I'm sorry.

The house cricket on Monday unveiled bisbakapagami Bangladesh team and organizes a BCB official photo shoot. Mashrafe on the sidelines of the world at the time the question was asked about the incident Naro doctors.

According to him, the fact can not be explained in a few words what had happened. There may be a misunderstanding. What I saw that day in the hospital, the doctor called her. He was sorry when my tongue. However, three or four times I talked to him. Balechi it on my tongue and get into trouble, I regret it. I am ready to apologize to the public. For this reason, I have shown a response, it was correct. I did not come from it.

Have seen in the hospital around the table, doctor visits storaruma and talking on the phone has become a viral video. Nora MP noted that the video was made, I do not know. After the video, I asked him if he was not to Facebook. But do you know about our society. I could not prevent the video from being viral.

Bangladesh captain always respected physicians, and therefore has to be said that my family & # 39; I am a doctor. Doctors believe how much I admire and respect; You've seen it in the past. There have my respect for them is still the same.

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