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Mashrafe said insinuations. Tuladhona snow


Dhaka Prem & # 39; er League (dipiela) Sultan rushed to leave at the end of Mashrafe Mortazy. However, it is not something & # 39; I, he went to the area under the control of unnayanakajera. Bangladesh skipper was under the supervision of February.

Nora Sadar Hospital on April 5 was, therefore, a local MP. Four doctors are missing, he binachutite. He made the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

Mashrafe a surprise visit to the event through social media viral. Notice of the first four physicians. The Ministry of Health has been suspended on Monday. Mashrafe request has already confirmed its responsibility.

After the incident, the medical community and society opposite reaction. Mashrafe unwanted and offensive statements on social networks such as Facebook doctors expressed dissatisfaction. Many people who abuse its profanity.

Anger was one of the most popular TV host country and unload said deyadera national executive director of the TV. Abdun Noor Tushar. He is also a doctor by profession. Verified host writes on his page on Facebook, criticizing Mashrafe willed the medical community as the OSD is easy for the patient to make sure that the service is not easy.

He said post. Doctors Hospital of snow, part myasake crisis highlighted various problems, doctors advised her to a question in parliament.

Mashrafe fans at the doctors could not agree more. Facebook has been criticized in many respects, they & # 39 are doctors. Everyone said to stand in the dock. Light snow. They are quite tuladhona it.

Mr. Amirul Haque writes snow before field hospitals to understand the situation, Mashrafe questions. If you do not make money in the hands of nurses in public hospitals open syalainatao. You are on the brokers.

Ranjit de writes: I read your statement, and a lot of important things that you can read here, thank you for that. But all is not enough, because the protection that the doctors do their misconduct? If a person goes to the hospital for treatment, what is the amount of Bhuktabhogirai claims. Do not leaf moves without money. These violations were the only doctors. And you say that they work for eight hours a day for six days. More good news to see the 6 * 8 = 48 hours 6 to 15 hours a day, I get a little attention.

Feroz, chief wrote, I realized that there are a lot of things, so you will slow down the job! However, when patients come to the doctor, he finds solace. It's like snow after a failure to pay doctors attaching the doctor asked shamelessly. After placing another small town doctors, why they do not want to stay, why they wanted to come to the capital of the department or the city, there was a question about the snow. Please do not pesatake commercialize this excellent service.

Mukul Roy wrote, samasya born in Bangladesh, one of the brothers. If the movement of all the drivers will be in action against the driver down. If you stand up to all the doctors in action against the doctor. Their reaction to embark on other public servants.

Mithun Goswami writes of the victory of the moderate, Mashraf Mortazy and deceive snow Noor better to drive a wedge between them. Mashrafe, as it was just like snow, logical words. One question that must be solved the problem of people will benefit.

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