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Maulvi Saeed jasinda aradanera sheet!


Maulvi Saeed jasinda aradanera sheet!

Doctors Sayeed Enam Moulvibazar (left) Award & # 39; -Minister New Zealand jasinda aradana (right)

Al-Nour Mosque in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, May 15 attack, 50 Muslims were killed by white racists.

After the incident, the role of prime minister & # 39; EPA Minister jasinda aradanera, his sympathy, support measures and Muslim sampradayera last March 3, send an email to Dr. Said ENAM from Moulvibazar, Sylhet.

Five days after the office of prime minister & # 39; EPA on behalf of the Minister's private secretary Diana akeba jasinda aradanera Sayeed Aisne answer letters.

Do not respond to emails sent from the premiership & # 39; EPAM Minister of New Zealand Syed Enam pleased Bangladeshi doctor, was violent.

In this regard, the media said Enam, «I am an expert manaroga. White brenatana terentera terrorist acts such cruelty as surprised as I have tried to go deeper into the incident. The new prime minister's & # 39; -Minister of New Zealand, I was impressed with some of the steps. "

Three added that "non-Muslim religion, I could not jasinda team up as it would have done honor to him to play a role. It is my duty and responsibility as a human being."

He thanked the Prime Minister's responsibility & # 39; er Minister of New Zealand, said in an e-mail kulaura manaroga expert.

He wrote in a letter to the & # 39 is sudhu mosque, temple, church, church or pagoda praying forbidden to hurt anyone. "

Prem & # 39; -Minister New Zealand Syed enamake mail through the mail to his office and thanked.

Aradana jasinda return mail, "said New Zealand people around the world and social media as a critical moment stood on the side, and he made an impression on me."

Said Enam said, "I, too, am glad. He was a small man like me in the mail. Not only is the answer. "

Christchurch, New Zealand March 15, one of the two mosques tyarenta baked Australian Brent. At least 50 people were killed. 48 were injured. Attack narrowly escaped from the national cricket team of Bangladesh players.

New Zealand Prem & # 39; -Minister attacks of the Muslim community, compassion, and to defend the role of Islam, it has been estimated around the world.

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