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Mother Chowdhury, Awami League rebel candidate winning wine


Mother Chowdhury, Awami League rebel candidate winning wine

Awami League presidium member and former Agriculture Minister Chowdhury mother. Photos file

Nalitabari Sherpur upazila elections won the Chairman of the rebel group accused lebuke mokachedura Rahman, member of the presidium of the Awami League and a former Minister of Agriculture MATIA Chowdhury.

Work presidential candidate of the Awami League masters Ziaul Nalitabari, the minister accused the mayor of Abu Bakar Siddique.

"We have always said that our premier & # 39; er Minister will work for the country, because God sustains me. If you do not attack me, something like what I had to do to survive. I wish to God, and nobody can kill me. We just do not do any work for the prime minister's own staff & # 39; er Minister. For the country, the people I work with.

Matia said, I have a habit to ride the bus. Miles on foot and has a habit of working for the party. This is nothing new. So do not even talk about it.

Nalitabari Sherpur upazila on Sunday at a rally in the market of office workers of the Awami League, he said.

Chowdhury said the mother, now I'll take the bus in the area. He urged leaders not to talk about it a lot.

According to him, the day Nalitabari team leader I am Nakla walk 7-8 km. I have not forgotten them.

Æ T-deviation from the party candidates mother Chowdhury said fault. Leaders urged to decide on the party forum.

Thousands rally upazila and union leaders and activists of Awami League attended.

Earlier, Minister of Agriculture mother Chowdhury on Friday night by bus from Dhaka came Nakla. On Saturday, he Chandrakona Rajlaksmi minibus Nakla municipal mayor of the Minister of Education high school anniversary ceremony. Dipu Moni attended.

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