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New feedback, the old feedback


After combustion, the red and blue light nibhachila once. In harmony with the tools, such as fire-nebhai responsibility. The guitarist was seen in the light of Rahman Labu. Cheese and white hair as he badalanani. Changed only black hair on his head. White has been a lot of things left. Nevertheless, the two eight-finger keyboard To play with the baby face phoyada Nasser said that the impression of age. Age forty was kandarira you can avoid it? Feedback, a group of the seventies of the last century. As it was the broken building in four decades.

Bashundhara City rajadarsana Tuesday night in the International Convention on the feedback of the anniversary concert four decades, four feedback dikedasa. Feedback sounds old songs, new feedback and feedback to create a new team Maqsudul Haq Dhaka. Memories of the past, to remind you of the old members came to the feedback on the scene. His first recorded song, "Once" Maqsudul Haq heard singing. While Nasser Baba phoyada stage, RoMel Khan, Saleem Haider and Mont. Awakens memories of the song for a long time dying. Darsakasarite eyes of many older, adolescents, and young people who were in the eighties.

Feedback takes the stage after a break now. Phoyada Nasser Baba, Rahman Labu, gaps, Tanti and Rayhan al-Hassan. Users are still in the destroyed building war. Raihan and sang in the gaps reading "a weak heart, how tumisaha there are quite a lot of songs. The young audience familiar songs. Maksud new band with feedback when the country goes on stage, he becomes a part of the best concert moments. Memory Maksud after" letter "," seasonal "," Waterman "," One day "song. The gap between the song and whistle whistle rang. You can see the bald head, gray hair on both sides of the ears majhabayasi listeners. He could not hold back the excitement, listening to the song of youth.

Forty feedback on the concert in honor of Warfare lyrics, Miles, artasela, splinter. Warfaze feedback sounds singing "Seasons", the sounds of Miles "when whispered phone," two songs. Artasela said his own songs. Especially young audience vibrate their presence. They started to sing the chorus of team spirit song. Artasela said to them, "was born in this country," the song. Sheikh Monirul Alam Type Warfare song before the feedback of our inspiration. This is a group of love. "And Miles Shafin Ahmed congratulated the feedback was traveling around with Miles at the same time. Accordingly, the word Hamid Ahmed, said the group was hit by a couple of songs, it is a rare event. "

Guitarist feedback Rahman Labu, "viewers why we were able to come away today." His Master's Voice matched phoyada success enlisted supporters of Nasser. RM, introduced at each stage to sing and welcomed them to the edges. It was small, about himself, about the memory of old times. Before the beginning of the song, "Like a seasonal song became so popular that it is still not understood." It Kausar Ahmed concert songwriter. Not be delayed due to ill health is given the fate of the astrologer.

There was a time when the feedback nothing. Bukabhara was just a dream. The dream of a singing group made a trip to the capital 40 years ago. Brother (Hafizul Alam) moved on to the pavement at the foot cocoon cocoon. After the country became one of the most popular rock bands. It was in the old days, sang songs, artists Maksud recent feedback. With one foot up on a monitor on a red towel tied to the tune of PMA wanted to return to the music of the past. "Wet, wet with tears, he was able to bring back a bit of the song. The auditorium was dark at the time. Maksud, floating in the darkness, the audience called out, the phone lights together.

Rajadarsana auditorium sound system, however, was very disappointing. To the organizers of the concert hall need to think a little. Prana has been sponsor of the concert.

Polish youth group began to sing in the seventies Intercontinental hotel. «Tuyentinatha Century" was the name of the group. In 1976 the name was changed their opinion. English text, instead of the original song began. Then supporters know the story.

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