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Nusrat became an obstacle for the cycle


Nasret Jahan

• Main Siraj gave confessional statement
• molestation case, was arrested on 7 March Syrah
• Her arrest on April 9 on charges agnisantrasera
• nusaratake special way to kill the prince said,

Madrasachatri Nusrat Jahan had planned the murder of 3 April. Later in the day, the main madrassa students to jail, Siraj udadaula «total», to see told. Because, Nusrat became an obstacle for the benefit of all of them combined. Students agreed the main conclusions.

Senior Judicial Magistrate give a damn about said Sunday. Zakir Hussain, the head of the court in accordance with Article 164 on page 19, in connection with the murder of Syrah udadaula Nusrat said confessional statement. In the afternoon of March 7, he was arrested Sonagazi Madrasah corruption cases. He was shown arrested in the case on April 9 agnisantrasera about it.

Siraj said the court, in prison with him on April 3, students give a damn about Shahadat Hossain Shamim, Noor Uddin, Abdul Qadir, Javed Hossain met some.

Students told him bail will not be so fast. Her family & # 39; I have is that he was trying to learn from the students. Prison martyrdom Nur Uddin spoke separately with the principal. Nur Uddin said that the main issue of martyrdom and to see a total, her family & # 39; nd pressure. It does not work if you are going to kill nusaratake. He said, to kill in a special way so that the phenomenon of suicide can be extended. He said that the students are required to kill nusaratake fire. Awami League leader Ruhul Amin Maksud Alam and help them.

Principal in court, "said Noor Uddin martyrdom and agreed with my plan. Then they disappeared. Nevertheless, Nusrat our collective interest to the students about the murder. "

Principal statement after attending a madrassa in 001 Sonagazi affect the local leader of the ruling party and developed a friendship with the administration. Students admitted to the director of a kind ring. Local Awami League President Raul Amin and his deep relationship with the municipal councilor Maksud Alam.

Chief said the leaders of the Awami League and decided to implement it in any madrasa. As a result, the court noted that the madrassas increased its influence.

Siraj said the loss of student and faculty madrassas to monitor a student, he developed a close relationship. Among them, "the president of the block seminar" Shahadat Hossain Shamim, "the president of the unit Nur Hafiz Uddin madrasah Abdul Qadir, Javed, jubayerake principal to cooperate on various issues. In addition to the non-payment of wages and licenses, and their choice of exam data of special admission students admitted to the principal and income.

March 7 statement about the incident main Siraj claimed "Morning nusaratake call the office assistant Nurul Amin. Nusrat also comes with three students. Was news to me, Her relationship with another boy. So I called him up to pressure. Her words came to my room to do anything with. Then he put both arms around his waist from behind and I fell. He's there (on the floor) sits. Nusrat is after. "

Siraj claimed "her mother that day, he tried to kill me. At one stage, I was a threat to them. Nur Uddin were present there. Then comes Sahadat. Raul Amin called on Thursday, and he was sent to a police station south of the Inspector Iqbal. Iqbal then summoned nusaratake. The police then took him to the police station amakesaha.

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