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premier & # 39; er Taj


premier & # 39; er Taj

Prem & # 39; er-son Taj. Photos with Facebook.

In order to meet with the Prime Minister & # 39; er Minister Sheikh Hasina was the prime minister's & # 39; er Minister of the former Tanzim Ahmed Sohel Ahmed, along with turaja tajachele barrister went on Tuesday afternoon premiership & # 39; -Minister Tajuddin Ahmad former chelesekhana status on Facebook, to get out of the Taj.

However, the invitation to the wedding of his son Ahmed and the prime minister's & # 39; er turaja Taj arrived. Prem & # 39; -Minister was invited to the wedding.

According to the Town Hall, on Tuesday afternoon with the premier & # 39; er-son came Taj. He met with the Prime Minister & # 39; er minister and some spent. He came at the invitation of his son's wedding.

Came out of the town hall is a proven way to Facebook Taj. He took the pictures can be seen standing with her parents-cheleposte Taj wrote, "My son married a Barrister turaja Ahmed invited the next 5 July with the top and receive blessings. I wish you all to pray for him. "

In fact, 008 of the Awami League formed the government, the Prime Minister & # 39; er-Minister of Internal Affairs Sohel Taj karenadrrhatara karachilenahathat served with resignation from the left side, in the United States, where her family & # 39; I.

Higher leadership of the Awami League did not accept his resignation. Resigned from the membership of parliament is not clear so far, because tajauddinaputra karenapadatyagera. It is next to the value abhimane.

The resignation of the Taj, when he did not return to politics. The decision was still strong.

Although his family & # 39; I am far from the policies relating to the Taj. Awami League MP released her ticket three times while her older sister Simin Hossain Rimi.

01 members of parliament resigned on July 7. Sometimes it will not participate in politics, but the social activities of the former minister told cleared.

Taj was further discussion of the National Council of the Awami League. And it begins with andaramahale policy, Taj will be active in politics. At that time, he met with the president of the party and the prime minister & # 39; -Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Sohel Taj, who brought began to buzz in important positions in the party. However, he was not seen until the end of the central committee of the League of Av.

Byaktigatajibane Sohel Taj has a son and two daughters. Turaja eldest son Ahmad, University of London barrister crown has passed. Taj with his family & # 39; s in the state of Maryland.

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