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Saving energy reduces the speed of the storm Fanny


cyclone Fanny

Fanny cyclone. symbolic pictures

Bay of Bengal cyclone Fanny "in order to save energy, which gets to the coast. It may hit the coast of Bangladesh and India to expand. No matter how long it is going to get more powerful.

Meteorologists fear hurricane intensity before reaching the coast on May 5-6 cyclone may form. Meanwhile, the cyclone in mild to moderate thermal wave sweeping the country. Rajshahi, Khulna and Duck in southern kharatape burning summer. On Monday, the highest temperature of this season experienced Razhshah. The temperature was 40 degrees Celsius.

Meteorological Department (BMD), the meteorologist said. Yugantarake Aftabuddin storms turn in the sea sparkling in the light of the status of the land. It draws from a wide area around the clouds. Until now, the cloudless sky and the earth. It does not rain. It increases the intensity of the sun. In addition to a wealth of water vapor increases. A common trait flowed south. This hot air. As a result, the heat sabamile.

In this situation, the end of the storm on the ground until there is no indication. Since mid-April, the heat began. There is a little south of the Bay of Bengal cyclones April 5 mercury barometer. But on Saturday the mercury up again.

At the same time, the highest temperature of the season was the city by 39 percent to 9 degrees Celsius. It was the highest temperature of the season. But the next day after the record was broken in Razhshahah. The temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius. BMD Monday Dhaka and Rajshahi and Khulna units mild to moderate in the process the thermal wave. The temperature was 3 degrees Celsius to 36 percent.

On the one hand, people feel warm bhugaleo arekadike panic storm hit. 5 days on the coast about 600 kilometers ahead. Monday afternoon at 1:00 was just south of Chittagong port, 1580 kms, which was April 5, 2170 km. On BMD, 1510 km south of Cox's Bazar on Monday afternoon storm, 1535 km south of Mong port and 1505 km south of the port were pigeons.

The cyclone is moving at a speed of 13 kilometers per hour to the coast of Andhra Pradesh, India. But on Monday, slowing it down to 4-5 km. Aftabuddin meteorologist said, because of fear. For example, the progress of the storm is over, it will not have a supply of energy. This means that the energy savings from slowing down. She also said that, if for any reason the cyclone strength with decreasing temperature and rainfall will decrease. The situation may weaken storm sagarei. It depends on the natural system.

BMD cyclone 11. According to the press release, on Monday afternoon at 1 hour of the storm center was 54 kilometers per hour and a maximum speed of 6 km continuous wind, which was increased to 88 kilometers per hour or gusts jharohaoyara. There are offended by the sea near the center of the cyclone. Due to the influence of the sea Chittagong, Cox's Bazar and Mong to raise a distant warning signal number two doves and the sea was recommended. He North Bay and deep sea fishing boats and trawlers have been recommended with caution until further notice.

Ruhul Quddus said meteorologist increase in intensity, the storm still phanira to "severe cyclone" (severe cyclone storm) does not rotate. However, on Tuesday (today) until he can hold intense. Solid maximum sustained winds of 90 to 145 km per hour. According to him, there is still a risk of hurricane intensity phanira. It is the nature of "very severe Cyclonic Storm" severe cyclonic storm or hurricane speed. Continuous maximum sustained winds of 130 to 175 kilometers per hour can be.

Indian meteorologists fear Phani 3-4 doses may be stronger storm. The wind speed of 195 km per hour can be. By May 3 Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh, India, in May and could reach the coast. In May, the country can reach 5-6. But until now, it is not possible to say anything definite about it.

Flood Forecasting and Water Resources Development Commission Warning Center said in a statement, the Indian Meteorological Department (aiemadi), May 3 cyclone next May 6-7, Meghalaya and Meghna basin pool meghalayasaha India, central and north-west, heavy rains possible.

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