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Second husband wife called to the boy, and all jumping


She could not forget the girl. He has been in various places. But I did not understand. Finally, after searching for the girl, she could not cope and said that handicapped Siraj Borrowing in a house near a cell phone store owner 100 rupees, go to the girl, the girl bought bracelets and lipstick. But that's the end of her departure she should have died in a mass confrontation with the wrong information his wife.

Sirazh was a member of the masonry in the profession. They are employed in the home Mohar Chana, a contractor in the area of ​​force in Siddirgan. House in the village in Bhola Lalmohane-Thane, near Mugi Bazaar. On Saturday Sirazh she was killed by her boyfriend suspected in the area Midizhy-Purbapara al-Amin to Nagar Siddhirganzh.

Brother Sirazha and locals claim that they were killed by a planned way. The locals demanded the trial of the murderers of the disabled, and residents of the area demanded justice on Sunday.

About 10 years ago, Shamsunnahar was married to a disabled Baraka Siraj. She has a 6-year-old girl. Despite the speech, he worked as an employee of a bricklayer.

A couple of years ago, electricity in the area. Sirazha Shamsunahar wife was injured in foreigners from "Mannan alias Sohel». They ran in a moment. Take the girl with Minduku. Find a lot and did not find. 5-6 months ago the wife Shamsunahara Talaknama sent a Sirazh.

Siraj was disappointed with it. Even if he did not get a wife, he was looking for her daughter. At one stage she found in the area of ​​al-Amin Midyzi Nagar in Siddirganzhy. More than once she had come to the meeting.

On Saturday Siraj also I went to the girl. At one stage of the conversation with the girl, the current husband of her husband, Abdul Mannan, alias Sahel, saw him and said: "Sonadhara" murder elzhazhane gave Sirazhu role Sirazha. From there, the police took him to the hospital, and the doctor on duty declared him dead.

On Sunday, his body fell into tears after he received his body in Silizhyta area Siddirganzhe. Many of them are mourning: "These people were beaten to death!"

Many also call it the planned murder and demanded exemplary punishment of the killers.

Until then, until the report has not been written to the police Siddhirganzh was filed case. The matter is under consideration of the case, said Salimov Mia police officer Siddhirganzha (investigation).

Hossein Chisti husky / FA / MS

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