Shawmy was also criticized by a pound of smartphones


Shawmy was criticized by smartphones for only £ 1 in the UK. The Chinese technology company must face criticism because only two or three devices are promoting & # 39; flash cells & # 39; and & # 39; crazy deal & # 39; and a message was recently released.

Shawmy officially started selling smartphones in the UK. On that occasion, the brand ran a sales campaign of two new two-pound models in two consecutive weeks.

However, customers complain that only two or three handsets are sold per campaign. At the same time, in a moment of campaign, the device was closed and closed.

Technology experts say that the Shawmis website has been coded in such a way that all devices under the offer are notified without confirming whether the device has been sold. And in cyberspace, as well as everywhere debates are made around Shawomi.

In a statement, Shawmy admitted that the problem had been recognized. However, it is also expected that Shawmo fans will not be discouraged from participating in this campaign in the future.

Shaw's spokesman told the BBC that since early 2013, we had arranged flash cells like that in various countries in the world. Our goal is to give some lucky winners mobile phones at a nominal price.

The spokesman also said that this kind of campaign in England was the first time for us. And this campaign attracts many people, because we don't even guess. We apologize that many people cannot accept this offer. But we hope, when we launch such a campaign, Shawmo fans will win mobile phones by participating in it.

Recently, Shoomy began campaigning with the promise of giving high-tech phones to low-cost customers. And it quickly gained popularity among users. Generally, there are a large number of devices in Shawumi's deployment. In another campaign sponsored in Spain last year, 50 devices were allocated under the offer.

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