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something & # 39; I Priyanka-Nic with & # 39 is a violation!


something & # 39; I Priyanka-Nic with & # 39 is a violation!

Nick-Priyanka pair. file photo

11-year-old US citizen Nick jonasake small wrinkle was married to actress Priyanka Chopra several discussions.

I suddenly shake bhaktasaha sinepremidera, nikake decision Priyanka partner.

Many people were surprised by the matter. At that time, the age of many of the nuances of the issues raised nagaritba.

Shahrukh Khan black tie with a sacrifice actress Priyanka Chopra wanted to say. Bholeni their undeclared fans love story.

Shahrukh was conceived as a star or maybe a call to choose Indian as a partner Priyanka dhanakuberake.

However, across the seven seas and the US anchor term Muluk chokara handle nikake Priyanka!

However, as a consequence of the supporters of Love Um Palace finally I found ucchbasai. Priyanka, who began asking about marriage.

However, the question that many people have given up the last of the family & # 39; and? Residents of the two countries, a lot of differences in age, culture is a wide divergence.

Shankar says that the fire was GHAMI – say almost everything, especially a celebrity, showbiz celebrity marriage a bit more fragile than others.
Some Co increased a little more, the house of cards than a fleeting celebrity marriage.

He brought the news that asankakei – Priyanka-Nic something & # 39; I'm ruined!

In recent years, it is going to separate the pair. "Well," said the magazine, referring to Nick and Priyanka marriage something & # 39; I have a great dissatisfaction.

Also Bollywood Life magazine publishing Priyanka, a woman quite temperamental. He wants to build its own as nikake choice. Therefore demands that Priyanka, anger and try to control severe or become fed up with Nick!

Or does not comment on something & # 39; nd priyankake temena Nicky well. Or rather, they were disappointed.

The man was supposed to be mature enough to Priyanka their mentality. But it has ultotaa

Nick comments about something & # 39; nd Priyanka, Priyanka or act as a 1-year-old woman. He is indifferent to the world.

It is true that these things with & # 39 are baseless rumors and false Priyanka ghanisthajanara.

Nha get coverage in the media or rumors about Priyanka lutatei favor of the air, I dropped a few balls.

As proof, they look at the Priyanka-Nic says Miami Beach romantic moments.

Miami Beach drowning couple romance on vacation recently. They spend a good time there.

Priyanka and security in the world outside supporters news tanaporanera asatyai Habarov seems.

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