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Standing on the road on the road, warning everyone!


To avoid traffic accidents, Pran-RFL company began to name "Desh My Dosh Me" social awareness. Where some boards were used. And the tables written by popular actors Deepazal, which govern the proper use of sidewalks and foot bridge.

There you can see Dypala on Dhaka streets to sidewalks and pedestrian bridges. He warns about the users and drivers of Honda. He says cousin nephew! This is not a path for the bike.

Again he stood before Averbrizhe and said the nephew, the legs are overloaded. Prior to this in two stages there was a small problem, so Dypzhal was seen in the advertising campaign for the avoidance of accidents on the way to the campaign against social awareness group Pran-RFL. In advertising, it was stated, Dudge, calling the driver on the road nephew, said: "What's nephew, Nawab, was driving on the road, do not know the way, do not know the way. Eat feeder? & # 39; What has made tremendous response through social media.

The idea of ​​the posters is also very acceptable. Type and language put forward in the current campaign for safer roads. But very normal people attracted the attention of all.

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