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Sultan Mansur won a grain of rice after taking the oath mokabbirao


Both leaders, Sultan Mansur Khan and mokabbira

Both leaders, Sultan Mansur Khan and mokabbira

Sylhet II eleventh parliamentary election symbol of the sheaf of rice from the place of a member of Parliament mokabbira Both Khan decided to take the oath.

Local artist upazila on Sunday afternoon for a rally as the chief guest at the college announced.

Sylhet II seats in the newly elected members of Parliament and a symbol of the sun, Gono has leadership forum mokabbira Khan, my team decided that ultimately osamaninagarera the artist and the people who voted for me, if they want to be able to represent you took the oath. I therefore appeal to the people of the constituency in Parliament have decided to take an oath.

She's sick in the first place, I'm going to Begum Khaleda Zia Parliament to submit an application for exemption. On the issue of the missing leader M Ilias Ali of BNP, as well as to investigate the absence of cases require.

Elias husband in violation of the prohibition Tahsina event was attended by many leaders of the BNP said.

Member of Parliament for rain to end a statement, both leaders spoke of public opinion at the end of the oath mokabbira Khan said.

mobile phone Yugantarake, said that he was leaving the parliament speaker will be sworn in. There's no doubt about it.

Chairman suhela Ahmed Chowdhury and BNP joint secretary Abdul Aziz sent a special guest balaganj chairman of the Upazila Parishad leader BNP Abdulla Mia, lamakaji Chairs and Vishwanath BNP organizing secretary Kabir Hossain Dhala Mia, deokalasa Chairman and BNP vice president tahida Mia, chairman alankari Union Parishad and BNP vice-president Nazmul Islam ruhela, the leader of the team of volunteers Chiron Mia, Sramik Dal leader of Ansar Ali and assistant vice president Akhter Hossain.

In fact, the former vice president and former leader of the Awami League central DUCSU Mansour was sworn critic. And Sultan Mansur was expelled from the party. He was expelled from the national united front committee. Referred to the recent elections. Kamal Hossain-led national unity has been involved in the process. After the formation of the united front, the top decision-making forum of the alliance became a member of the committee.

Forward Highlight selected rice beam symbol. Eleventh united front in the national elections and won eight of them, one of the Sultan Mansur. By the united front does not take a decision to boycott the elections. He promised to ignore the decision of the Sultan Mansur.
On behalf of the national united front, the coalition parties and the violation of the oath as the eleventh member of parliament will take legal action against the Sultan Mohammad Mansour.

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