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«Suparaomyana« Lily Kapoor with high viral dance! watch the video



Agnisama, when two people come together, what happens then? Naturally, it became every moment more enjoyable. Jikiu Style Awards ceremony last night in the configuration. The stage was "Gaul Boy» star Ranveer Singh and star of «suparaomyana» Indian origin in Canada iutiubara Lilly Singh. Performing longtime fans of the star was necegeye.

The award ceremony Social yogayogamadhyame spread to several photos and videos. One of the best videos, Lily Singh, Ranbir Singh and dance. "Gaul boy" image "of your Time ayega« Song burned with fire dance on stage two stars! It is obvious that both the visitors enjoyed the performance.

shares Ranbir-Lilly, when the silver screen, what will? Super Fun to be, is not it? Supporters hope, but the two filmmakers, some of them will be thrown.


Ranveer Singh in the lead role was released in February, and the Alia Gaul boy. " It was a box office blockbuster. Film Music "currently ayega time. Kapoor won the Most Stylish Person Award last night.

Watch the video …

Kabir Khan, Ranbir Singh, the future «eitati three films will be shown, which will play the role of star Kapil Dev Indian legends. Source: Bollywood Bubble

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