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Terminator: Dark Fit


Go News 24 | entertainment reporter: Published: July 21, 2015, 12:59

Terminator: Dark Fit

Terminator means that beautiful scene Arnold Schwarzenegger flowing before his eyes. & # 39; Terminator: Dark Fit & # 39; James Cameron comes to the biggest action of the Terminator franchise.

Popular Terminator franchise with viewers around the world and Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the peak of success in his car & # 39; EASURES through the main character of this film. However, it will not be the main character in the next sequel. Linda Hamilton will be in the lead role.

But there is nothing disappointed audience. What if the terminator is NOT Arnold in the future? At the moment, it will be present in this film. Arnold said, work and play with dedication. The entire film stands on this principle.

Linda Hamilton plays the role of the famous Sarah Connor He said that in this film the scene ten times more. In fact it is not a language.

James Cameron, the world-famous producer and co-author of the film, said: "This is more than the previous two major terminator, and that's fine short saying." This is R-rated, it's terrible, it's weird, it's quick and intense. "

November 1 around the world will be released "Terminator: The Dark Destiny" from James Cameron, who directed Timo Miller.

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