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the date of shipment of expired frozen, fined two million


Ahead Ramadan stored in a freezer during plaque two-poor Narayanganzha Sadar Monday ROE seized 410 tons of expired date.

Crime adulteration of food storage and marketing efforts of the two companies in the cold storejasaha firms were fined two million. The estimated cost of the seized on the date one hundred crores.

According to the RBA, the date that are stored in the following month of Ramadan with the & # 39 is a new type of packaging for the marketing of the syrup was sprayed. Boa mobile court led by executive magistrates on Monday Sarwar Alam, RAB-11 team in the Shahin and brothers dharmaganja cold storage and maintenance of refrigeration equipment.

Sarwar Alam told reporters that the date of the stock market was the month of Ramadan. At least three or four years ago, which is to be imported. The smell of rot spreads khejuragulo broken freezer. Inadequate nutrition and risky for health. Khejuragulote broken through a chemical spray kept a brand new fur. Badamtali traders in the capital of the country is preparing for the marketing khejuragulo.

RAB-11 ASP painting Uddin, the first light, "the month of Ramadan, to destroy the dates can not be scattered across the country, he said that the observation was already himagaragulora. Cold storage of large amounts of the two dates, Malta, we got apples. Dishonest business cycle can not commit such crimes in the future, it will continue to monitor the RBOM. He said that the raid Shahin cold storage and repackaging charges the cold storage 50 lakh, the owner ramicha Enterprise Nazrul Islam, 75 lakh and Allah gives Enterprise has AFSAR Uddin, 75 million fine and standard cold storage on the case was filed. 11 people were arrested in connection with the incident.

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