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The leader of the AL won fist fist of electoral


The leader of the AL won fist fist of electoral

The leader of the Awami League won fist fist polling staff. Photo: Assembled

Chatkhil vote in the district bar fake polling officers died punched and hit Razin leader Akter Rosie Awami League was elected vice-chairman.

District Council elections were the fifth held on Sunday, the fourth phase of voting in the county. Awami League leader Rosie +30000 176 votes, was elected vice-chairman of the behind the scenes. His closest rival, Mary Shamima Akhter received 18 thousand 371 votes.

At the end of returns officer announced the results of the vote count. Razin Akter was elected vice chairman of Awami League mahilabisayaka editor Rosie Chatkhil.

At the same time, 47 of the 544 votes of the Awami League appointed Jahangir Kabir (the symbol of the boat) was elected chairman of the privately. His nearest rival independent candidate Fazlul Karim (ink) was 1 out of 58 votes.

Previously, he was elected unopposed as Deputy Chairman of the male ibhu Ali Taher.

Nesa Chatkhil district Dakhil Madrasa polling districts and polling staff Foyjur Humayun Kabir dolanake hit and punched punch accusations against the deputy chairman Rozi Razin candidate Akter.

Fake voice Razin Akter bar on Sunday at 11 am crazy Rosie O & # 39; yadnavshy officer Humayun Kabir dolanake-slaps across the face, and punched his fist. Humayun Kabir, deputy chairman of the incident wave without any remedy Rosie candidate received a complaint against the presiding officer.

According to sources, the electoral officer Humayun Kabir Mallik lake shore wave Chatkhil Senior Fazil Madrasa teachers. He said yugantarake mobile phone to prevent fake voice Razin Akhter, vice chairman candidate Rosie angry fist punched and kicked me. I demand justice.

Razin Akter Rozi mobile phone call a few times about the allegations could not be without him.

Presiding Officer, Mohammad Abu Zafar Xbox yugantarake mobile phone in the bar was crazy fake voice Razin Akhter, Vice Chairman of the candidates poll Rosie dolanake Humayun Kabir paid and knuckle punch.

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