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The third secret marriage mouth Shrabanti


The actress has been married for the third time in Kolkata, Chatterjee Shrabanti. Marriage is not the end of the discussion. It was a mess. By the end of the discussion Shrabanti stopped. A third marriage and the husband declared himself rosanera.

April 19, after marriage, the actress returned to Calcutta. Calcutta times already faced. This is the third marriage for the long interview & # 39; nd recognized. Unknown to many new husband.

Shrabanti told her husband, he Adu names. Roshan and his call «Nadur». Most communication between the two of them. July 7 last year, as the share of their minds.

It was fun, it takes the focus secretly married. His comment, "a Kolkata-wishers. I do not want to disturb anyone in my life. I think jyotisastra. I was a teacher. He told me that I did not say anything about my marriage.

Even he said that I married a Bengali traditions do not sit in front of the fire. So what I've done in Punjabi style wedding. All the formalities have been completed. Now I want to live in peace. "


He tangarera restaurant on April 15, Mehdi said. Amritsar to wear yellow. They were married on April 17 at 11 am.

Shrabanti wedding day, she wore a silver gown color. The next day the ceremony wore blue and yellow lehenga 18 wedding day. Her dress was white and pink lehenga risipasanera day.

Shrabanti son was at a wedding. He & # 39 is the son of mussels. Her support gave me the strength to make a new decision. She had a white robe and pajamas after the wedding ceremony of joy. "

He is proud to have her as a rosanake. So rather mudei sur & # 39; ozna and said, "I want you to call me Shrabanti Singh.

Switzerland has decided to go on a honeymoon as soon as Shrabanti-Rocha. However, the honeymoon will be short. The actress will shoot a new film is now Abhimanyu Mukherjee.


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