The way Jamaat-e-Islami is preparing


Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Shafiqur Rahman told the BBC that they had prepared the election even though their party registration was canceled.

With the cancellation of registration, the Jamaat will not be able to take part in the election as a party or with the dharipala symbol. But the commission secretary said in a statement that Jamaat leaders would be able to choose symbols from other parties registered or individually.

Jamaat leader Shafiqur Rahman also said the same when speaking with BBC Bangla about the thinking and planning of the Jamaat election.

& # 39; Election on Compromise with the Alliance & # 39;
Shafiqur Rahman Rahman said, "We are part of a twenty-party alliance, which has now changed to 23. We will take part in elections based on an alliance."

Given taking part in the election, Jamaat has two ways in his hands, said Shafiqur Rahman Rahman.

"One can choose one group of allies with a sign or we can choose them individually."

However, no decision has been taken about how to participate in the election, said Shafiqur Rahman.

Responding to this question, Shafiqur Rahman said that according to their estimates 50 to 60 people would participate in this year's election – how many people could choose Jamaat-e-Islami in total or independently.

However, Shafiqur Rahman said, who will participate in the election of the Jamaat will be determined on the basis of compromising the alliance.

"We will hold a meeting with the main alliance partners (BNP) of the alliance. In the meeting, we will discuss this issue further and will decide on this issue in the party forum for discussion."

Opposition objection: What is the position of the Jamaat?
During the formation of the united front, several united front leaders objected to the involvement of Jamaat and the BNP. It is also recommended that the BNP must abandon the involvement of the Jamaat.

Shafiqur Rahman stressed that Jamaat activists would work on behalf of the front candidate united in one of the chairs.

"If there is a greater goal to succeed, everyone must recognize the big mind," Shafiqur Rahman said.

Likewise, he said that united front leaders would work for candidate Jamaat candidates in seats where Jamaat leaders would join the contest.

Shafiqur Rahman believes that because it does not use symbols or executions from some party leaders for war crimes, election campaigns and party activities will not be affected.

"We participate independently in every local government election and consider popular support in the election, we hope that without choosing party symbols, there will be no big problems."

However, a number of leaders from the first line of the party were convicted of war crimes, and the team was faced with a big problem. Stainless steel. He said, because of the government's position towards Jamaat, the top leaders were more damaged than those who had been affected by faith.

"The government has stopped all branch offices from the head office and the government does not allow all our activities to be carried out comfortably, which has become a problem for us."


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