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Two not taken the oath, Alamgir


Staff Reporter | 1 mine in 2019, Wednesday 10:13

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamger took the oath. Firstly, as General Secretary of the Parliament, with the highest leadership of the party from outside the responsibility and duty to protect the breeding of the & # 39; associations and grassroots leadership to & # 39 is a more important factor. Secondly, due to personal and health problems with one of the two functions as breeding. Acting chairman did not agree at first, but it was explained to him, convinced Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamger. Speaking to the Daily Manavjamin said yesterday that he stressed that there is no chance to change your mind. Parliament decided not to himself, but the decision will be positive, and in politics, he sees as a surprise and iutarna secretary general of BNP. The same evening, he was elected to the seat of the BMW -6 & # 39 is vacant, the parliament speaker said. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury. BNP joint secretary general of deputies in the parliament, will lead the team in Nawabganj constituency Haruna -3. It will be unlocked Rahman, Rangpur-3 constituency Zahidur.

His decision to come to Parliament to explain the daily manabajaminake Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamger said the two main reasons for my decision not to Parliament. Firstly, I think it's more important for me to stay out of parliament on something. In particular, high-level leaders of my party and to maintain the link between grassroots leaders and connect with our guidance duty to protect me now is to play. This is the main reason. Another is my personal problem.

My physical condition, I can not give you all that I've always been together. Sometimes two duties will be difficult for me. Not surprisingly, I decided not to go to the parliament. And there is no chance to change the decision. Despite the fact that the decision to change the direction of their own decision whether to change asked my leader, who is now responsible for the chairman, Tariq Rahman, informing him that I decided. I've never used one to solve. At first he did not agree, then I have to explain it to him, and he agreed. Participation in the parliament and political parties to refrain Mirza Alamgir said, when asked to explain how to do this, it seems to me that this was a decision for the team. After a lot of misunderstanding will be removed. Misunderstanding will be far away. I can not remain in a situation where I can try on & # 39; to unite the team.

But in itself it is not going to go to the parliament to decide, of BNP leader said, when asked to explain how to do this in the interest of the party decision. For strategic reasons, we will be in parliament. I'll stay with strategic considerations. When asked what could be the political strategy of the party general secretary, the policy is a policy of the Opposition does not have much space. Parliament has little space, we want to use setukuke. It is true that the Parliament, when four or five people gather, it's their official position. Everywhere, so that they can speak and their words have a price.

Countries such as the outside. In this case, their role in our politics. How can the party go to the parliament's decision will affect the team Asked, I still did not speak. It can be mixed, but in the end, I hope that this will not have any problems with anyone. In response to another question, he said that we were in Parliament to prevent the legitimacy of Parliament. We were very clear that. Not that any choice. We have abandoned the results, given the legitimacy and strategic reasons, there is democracy, to use the minimum amount of space. Calling the current critical political situation, of BNP leader said that the political situation at the moment is very important. It seems to me that it was not so bad, think again. There are also the minimum conditions of democracy in the country. As well as those who work in their stiff resistance to pressure, which is our job. Pratimuhuterha arrest, prosecution, yaoya court to our normal lives, but now there is nothing. BNP secretary general said in a state of political vacuum was created. There are three or four of us went to the words in parliament, saying that they think will work. At least, everything else will follow. It will be the policy. It seems to me that it was a positive step.
Two sources confirmed, the responsible party, party leader agreed to participate in the political decision of the parliament iutarna Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman.

Naturally, after the decision to take the oath as Acting Chairman of the five. senior management of the decision not to take an oath of honor, but the spirit of his own words, he said. Continuing to take oath under the influence of pressure Chairman Mirza remained firm in his decision. It was decided that the decision of the party and the party will be sworn in other kausalei he will refrain from swearing. The conversation with the leadership of the party, he said, the oath was released Monday, according to the decision of the party not to take an oath that he did not disclose strategic reasons. Because it is likely to move the focus of the media. Eleven national elections of the party & # 39 is one of the 6 winners of the Secretary-General Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamger. After the battle of the opposition party MPs to naturally lead to it. But he decided not to take the oath taking -3 Nawabganj constituency MP Harun MPs lead the party in the parliament.

Elections under the interim government to demand democracy and elections under a partisan government took part in the national interest moved to BNP. Dr various concessions. Kamal Hossain, developed under the leadership of the opposition political parties in the national united front platform. Conversation with the Prime Minister & # 39; er minister and the government joined. But the team did not match the expected release of activists arrested ceyaraparasanasaha electoral environment. Instead, the night before the vote, in the center of almost all the boxes with the results, alleging widespread violations ranging rejected BNP-led National Front. It was decided not to take the oath of 8 winners of the national united front ticket. Both candidates nominated, but the winner takes the oath. A common reaction is done in political circles. Meanwhile, the party and the government on behalf of local residents on the selection pressure continues to grow with each passing day. At some point, they have led themselves the attention of senior management met kayekadaphaya. Then they called on the senior leadership of the party name carefully.

Under pressure from the party decision to go beyond the first -3 Zahidur Rahman was sworn in Thakurgaon. In accordance with the decision of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the stage, it was turned off. But then, under massive pressure from the other. BNP MPs take oath in a position to make such a noise in the dissemination of political circles. BNP standing committee meeting to consider the situation of the two is called the MP. They perform their relationships, the pressure, the role of Parliament to be in the general reasoning of the issues raised to senior management. So do not take the oath of the Standing Committee of the final decision remain, in spite of the fact that he was appointed Acting Chairman of Tariq Rahman. His response to various levels of the party leaders, prominent citizens, subhakanksidera in consultation with Parliament, to take a final decision before the end of the oath.

In response to the four deputies of his party vowed on Monday afternoon and in the evening the party was formally represented at the decision of the Secretary-General Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamger. He said: "The right to vote and parliament to demand the restoration of democracy and freedom of expression, limited desanetrira Parliament and street struggles going on at the same time, we believe that it is reasonable. This is very important in the context of national policy desanetri Zia complex treatment in the fight for the restoration of freedom and democracy, we have decided to participate in the parliament ". BCIE leaders and activists of the four deputies of the party to take the oath and were misrapratikriya political wheels. Many party leaders expressed their dissatisfaction through social media. LDP party chairman ally Colonel (retired). Chairman Barrister Andalib Rahman Partha Oli Ahmad Bir Bikram BJP has expressed dissatisfaction with the decision.

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