Tuesday , March 31 2020
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USB IPhone charger may come-C


IPad Pro and have added myakabuke USB-C port. Some exceptions can be seen in iPhone cases. The new iPhone may be charging the USB-port-C. At the other end of the cable news site bharjera kanektara Lightning technology will continue as usual.

New iPhone box may be the fastest 18-Watt, the USB-charger C. Lightning cable to the USB-C can erasange.

The report also said that the new iPhone from Apple, Lightning port is not ready to stop yet. The best move is expected that the increase in the speed of the charger.

Further, with a 5-watt charger for many years with the Apple iPhone. Although iPhone charger 8 is added 5 watts fast charging.

In the past year, Apple changed the design of the USB-port C adds Apple breakthrough. The company adds 18-watt charger.

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