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1116 cases of dengue fever in the week Confirms Dengue – All municipalities keys


From 15 to 21 April, 1116 cases of dengue were confirmed by a signal. The epidemic continues to LEV tempo and stretches all. Health authorities say that the mobilization of all (State, communes, intercommunalits and population) is necessary to fight and to act against the epidemic of progress. In addition, the approach the school holidays, on dplacements to be the most important, the prefecture and ARS Indian OCAN remind people of the importance of cutans repellents. (Photo: RB / Imaz Press Runion)

Location pidmiologique April 24, 2019
(Give OI Wax Sant Publique France)

More than 1,000 cases are currently Confirm reports every week, carrying more than 7,700 the number of reported cases since the beginning of the year. Keep in mind that these are the only cases were confirmed, namely those for which biological analysis confirmed the disease. This does not include patients who do not consult their doctor or consult this without being are bioassays. Thus, this figure in perspective with a score of clinically flags (currently about 2,500 of 3,000 cases per week, 22,000 since the beginning of the year): an estimate of the number of people who entered the symptoms of the disease and who consulted a doctor (on the basis of statements of sentinel physicians extrapolate all with), which analyzes the biological confirmation ralises so or not.

There is a scattering of cases and all the cities concerned.

Southern historic home (St. Louis, pond Sal oars, Petite Ile) is still very active and thematic reports to the St. Joseph's municipalities, St. Peter and continue to grow the buffer.

Houses with & # 39 are in Situs:

• North: Sainte-Suzanne and Saint-Denis

• East: Saint-Andr

• South: St. Philip and Entre-Deux

• West: Obsession and various localits Saint-Paul La Saline, Bellemne, Guillaume, Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and La Saline-les Hauts.

Passages for emergencies and hospitalizations for dengue, continue their growth. South CHU hospital site is still a & # 39 is the influence

Since the beginning of the epidemic:

• More than 14 000 indigenous cases were confirmed (more than 7700) since 2019/01/01
• 427 hospitalizations (including 271 hospitalizations, since 2019/01/01)
• Visit 1577 in the emergency (including visits in 1102 in an emergency situation, since 2019/01/01)
• Nearly 50 000 cases of clinically flags (of which more than 22 000 cases since 2019/01/01)
• 14 Dr., 7 directly related dengue. (2019/01/01 From 8 ABAC, 4 irectement dengue reading)

The fight against dengue this case each

Today, the mobilization of all of us is essential:

=> Contact your doctor immediately if they develop signs of the disease.
=> For the protection and the protection of its environment piqres mosquitoes using repellents.
=> Empty anything that holds water (where dveloppent larvae).

cup Vacant sub-pots
bus : Blank tire clean or cover to avoid the stagnation of water inside
toys Put the toys from the rain and make sure that they are not filled with water
FTS, watering cans and buckets Empty or cover and store protected from rain. Rcipients rcupration rainwater must be coated with a thin mesh fabric in order to prevent the mosquitoes lay inside.
Gouttires Check the slope and cleaned regularly so that the tube is not difficult mortes.Dchets letters: throw a small trash can with a lid on the farm, bulky containers in prvus purpose or dchetteries (never in my nature, ravines and on the street) and keep the collection day.

It is these gestures all men, individual and collective, that will limit the spread of dengue virus on it.

Key indicators of the week:

• 4100 home visits door to door vector control

• About 9% of houses identifiedIth larvae and lodging almost 500 larval limins Facilities

• 195 LRA OCAN Indian agents, SDI and civil security I talk about specific signals

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