4:32 – WWF calls on Belgian cats to save to save the Jaguar


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on BRUSSELS (Belgium)

Jaguar, the largest cat in America, is in danger: its habitat has been cut in half and its prey is rare. A contrasting situation with Belgian cats, 36% of them were overweight, noted WWF. Environmental organizations launched a campaign on Tuesday for Belgians to help save the Jaguar instead of feeding their pets too much. "Big cats save big cats". Big cats save big cats: with this campaign, WWF hopes to make the Belgians aware of the jealous fate of jaguars. This big cat sees its habitat diminishing, "due to deforestation, new road construction and infrastructure, and general human activities". His prey is gone and he attacks more herds, creating conflicts with farmers. In addition, jaguars are victims of hunters and traders of wild animals. Traffic to cat hunting products, especially fangs, will generate 16 billion euros per year, according to WWF. A situation that is in stark contrast to Belgian cats. They are rather fat and not prone to hunger: 36% of the two million cats living in Belgium are overweight. And if instead of feeding too many of their little friends, the Belgians help the Jaguar to survive? This is the goal of the new WWF campaign, which calls for donations to support NGO programs for jaguar protection. Cat owners can also test & # 39; cat configuration & # 39 ;, which will tell them if their four-legged animal is overweight. "By giving donations through this tool, they receive practical advice and practical tips to help their cats get back into shape, and every euro invested will help advance the struggle to save the universe," WWF said. The loss of Jaguar "will be a real threat to ecosystems that are important to the health of our planet and will have a direct impact on our way of life," the organization said. This cat is indeed a species called "umbrella" which says that as the main predator, it plays a regulatory role, controlling the population of herbivorous mammals. (Belga)

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