Monday , April 12 2021

Alexander Albon Nissan e.dams left to try his luck in the Toro Rosso

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Thais Alexander Albon, who will ride in Formula 1 in 2019 with Toro Rosso, miss Formula E season with Nissan e.dams 2018/2019, the team announced Monday in a statement.

┬źNissan e.dams Albon and decided to share, Albon termination of his contract to enter another option in motorsports," reads the text.

The driver, 22, was born in England and found Red Bull in 2012, he affirmed himself and his new team, his time in the Toro Rosso next season, along with the Russian Kvyat.

Only now the race point of Force India still formalize the identity of their second driver in Lance pleasure face, the Williams defector.

The Canadiens also present tests in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday and Wednesday at the wheel Force India, after the acquisition of a stable consortium led by his father during the summer.

Formula E, Nissan will introduce Albon replacement of identity par Swiss Sebastien at an event marking the beginning of the season Friday in Tokyo.

Stoffel Vandoorne, who has not been extended for McLaren, will play his form E in the next season with the German HWA Racelab, new to this world championship car driven by an electric motor.

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