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Alfredo still has his car, reflecting the 950,000 km to the times, "It has never been in the garage, I have always behaved"


It does not reflect the 300,000 or 500,000 or even 800,000 … but 950,000 kilometers on the clock! In 34 years, Audi 80 kilometers Alfredo absorbed as whey. Today, a young pensioner shows its history with his faithful car, but his ploy to keep him in shape. Whether it was to reduce the impact on the environment without changing the car, as he explained to us? Will he retain his Audi to a million kilometers? The following answers.

The history of Audi, Alfredo we have said, in 2014, when it reached 840,000 kilometers. Five years later, our editorial recently received a new letter by Alfredo orange button Alert us. Our attention is immediately attracted. "I have a car Audi 80 1600 diesel engine from 1985, which will be 34 years of traffic in March 2019, she had just reached the 950,000 km and always ride with"We wrote our testimony.

We went to Alfred, in Frameries, to open his trusty steed.

She survived the blackout in 2014

It is hard for the collar, precious Audi parked safely. His 34 years it makes absolutely no. A few darker or lighter spots on her gray dress show only the study of history. "I myself repaired some small rust spots"We Alfredo says with a smile.

That was five years ago, in our previous article, Framerisois thought was about to lose his favorite car. Victims of the crash, and then used his mother's car. We ask him how he was able to revive the Audi five years older. "In fact, after the publication of your article, I discovered that it was a small mistake. It was a spot on the cylinder block was rusty. He pierced. I changed the patch for 5 euros, glue cost me 15 euros, and it was left"Says Alfred.

And Audi is therefore continued merry way, not taking his owner every day at his workplace in Gosselies, until a vicious circle: the cars that flirt with a million kilometers. Here is a list of vehicles (cars and trucks) sold in 2017 to the highest odometer readings:

  1. TOYOTA COROLLA 1999: 999.197 km
  2. Mercedes A 170 CDI 2003: 926.262 km
  3. FIAT SCUDO 2010: 887.500 km
  4. OPEL VIVARO 2011: 887.197 km
  5. MERCEDES SPRINTER 2009: 874.055 km
  6. FORD GALAXY 2005: 841.244 km
  7. MERCEDES SPRINTER 2014: 831.431 km
  8. OPEL VIVARO 2011: 812.693 km
  9. CITROEN Berlingo 2001: 797.227 km
  10. MERCEDES SPRINTER 2009: 787.349 km

(CAR-PASS figures)

I changed the engine itself, it is quite easy on this machine

At 950,000 km Audi has some great adventures. It was 15 years ago, she underwent a real open-heart surgery. "I replaced the engine. It still works, but it is a lot of smoke. Then I found a new engine was about 300 thousand kilometers, and still exists today. I changed the engine itself, it is quite easy on this machine"Explain the proud owner.

In order to take care of the beautiful, there is little in the capable hands of Alfred. "I got me busy since I got it. Initially, I came out of school as a mechanic, and so she has never been in the garage, I have always kept myself"Proudly says our witness."There's no electronics, so it's simple. This is purely mechanical and electrical. It is available to all. This advantage of the car: we can replace all the traditional instruments. This should not be of special tools".

But how to keep the car for so long? "This is a very important point: every time a problem arises, do not wait until it gets worse. It directly regulates, and that's how I kept my car until"Says Alfred. Simple advice, but apparently very effective!

Horse and rider take a well-deserved retirement

But since 2014 the situation has changed Alfred. At age 65, the study aeronautical designer comes to retire in accordance with the rest. And after decades of faithful service, he decided that his Audi 80 also deserves some respite. "The adventure comes to an end at about the same time as me. My car retired in"Says Alfred.

If the heart of the thirties even swallow as quickly kilometer, her dress is worn for many years. "As she often stayed out of the beam is largely damaged. I would like to pass the technical control, but it has not gone … and I do not want to charge top"Said Alfred."Mechanically, there are a few things to fix, but it does not bother me. Especially the appearance of the body that pushes me to continue"He says.

Now thirty sleeping peacefully in the yard of Alfred, who is looking for a buyer to him as an attentive, as he did.

Who will replace the Audi 80?

To accompany him to the next adventure, Alfredo chosen place. "The car is driven. It Ateca, SUV. The car above is easier when you start to be a certain age. I took less polluting engine as little as possible: 1.0 l. This is the essence. I tried this … It's like any new car, it's not a miracle … I enjoyed the good in the mine, but hey, change"Said Alfred, who will long be his old Audi in memory.

Because, despite her age, she has a lot of advantages. "I could do all over, fix everything himself. But now the cars are much more electronic and mechanical, so it is very difficult to intervene alone with my equipment. And it was much more reliable than today's vehicles. I renovated my house with him! You can click on the hood of a new car, I'm sure it will sink faster than on my Audi 80"He joked Alfred.

But the witness also real. He is well aware of the events that will benefit. "I'm used to scroll through the drop box, but it's true that electric shklapad & # 39; lift, it is more convenient. Automatic headlights, too … By cons I think, rain sensors, mostly curiosity. And then there are all the safety equipment: ABS, driver fatigue detectors, the path markers … These are important events"Recognizes Alfred.

Overall, I feel that reduced their impact on the environment

Another factor that drove Alfred leave with the Audi 80, with & # 39 is ecology. Because with the new standards and restrictions are increasingly installed in the cities, the young pensioner afraid not able to one day use their old car. According to him, to keep his car up until the reduced impact on the environment. "CO2 emissions associated with the consumption and this level I itself is about 6 liters to 100. From the viewpoint of carbon dioxide (Note: another name given to CO2, or carbon dioxide), I do not polluais more than newer car"Said Alfred."For fine particles, there is something else".

Indeed, Audi 80 is not equipped with the catalysts, resulting in fine particles flow freely in the air.

But Alfredo, continued use of the vehicle remains positive. "For 30 years, the Belgian change in the average car four times. So that four new manufacturing machines and four vehicles destroyed. I do not think everything he pollute? So yes, my car pollutes, but overall I feel that reduced their impact on the environment"Alfredo responds.

Our witness is not wrong. According FEBIAC, provided by the manufacturer and importer of a consumer who buys a new car on guard about 7 years before selling it. To send to the cliff, there is a fateful moment, on average, 15 years and 8 months of the car's life.

Finally, when we could believe that consumerism grows to replace more and faster the vehicle, it would be the other way around. Proof graph.

Pollution: it's better to keep it a car or change it on a regular basis?

For the sake of this article, we contacted the Inter-Environnement Wallonie (Maine), a federation of environmental associations to determine what is best for the car, the world changes regularly and keep it as long as possible? The goal is not to take Alfred against the foot, but on the & # 39; ektyvavanyh it. "It is very difficult to talk about the case. But if it is highly summarized, it is estimated that the vehicle traveling 150,000 km emits 20 tonnes of CO2 over the entire life cycle, including production and processing"Said Noah Lecoq responsible for climate with Maine.

It is difficult to have the exact numbers, but a study in 2009 for the European Commission estimated that the production and disposal of the vehicle represented by the (still a big scoops) approximately 5 tons of CO2. In the case of 950 000 km spans 80 Audi Alfredo, use of the vehicle will thus represent 95% CO2 emissions and the production and processing of 5%. But let's be careful: these figures have to be serious & # 39 accepted; Ezno. However, to avoid a new car four times, Alfredo managed to avoid the emission of about 20 tonnes of CO2 (4 x 5 tons). It is already a success.

But this view does not take into account one element: CO2 emissions. In the middle of the environment, CO2, carbon dioxide, considered a global pollutant. He pollutes our planet as a whole and with the & # 39 is the cause of climate change, but it has little direct impact on health. There is, however, and other pollutants to be taken into account: local pollutants. It includes for nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide example. In addition to their impact on the environment, local pollutants are very harmful to health. "Older cars emit a lot of local pollutants"Said Noah Lecoq.

For the second point of view, FEBIAC management. "Between the filter without the vehicle and the vehicle, which corresponds to 6 Euro, is about 99% less fine particles are produced"Said Joost Kaesemans, representative FEBIAC. We ask him what he thinks about the preservation of the vehicle, which for a long time. "This may be pulling too far on the rope, because the car no longer meets environmental requirements. But this balance between not changing too quickly to avoid "wasting" and wait too long and risk not having vehicle standards"He says.

So often change cars or keep it long? Here is the answer of the official representative of the Maine "If you drive very little, that is, about 10 000 km per year, it makes sense not often replace it with a car, it is best to expand it. By cons, when more than 20 000 km per year, it may be better to change to reduce fine particle emissions during use"Said Noah Lecoq.

Modern cars are less reliable?

And finally, our interview with & # 39; S N spokesperson FEBIAC led us to the last question, just as interesting: modern cars & # 39 are more or less reliable? "As the figures presented show, the average age of cars is increasing over the years. This makes sense, because they are more reliable. 200,000 or 300,000 kilometers, that there is nothing for a recent car. Why? Because one product is better, better technology, oil and fuel from the & # 39 are more effective, there is much less rust, etc."Said Jost Kaesemans.

Some dealers representing the arguments seem quite authentic … However, Alfred's words on the strength of their old Audi still speak to us. It is true that faith would that now the car will not be as reliable as "the good old transmission" over the past few years. "What can make the car more vulnerable electronics today. It is more complex and there is a risk of failure"Gives Joost Kaesemans."But personally, I remember how my father went to the garage with the Beetle every 5,000 kilometers. Today you can travel without much maintenance do"Says a spokesperson.

All my grandchildren are sad to see her go

But perhaps there is something missing in all of these new cars: the charm. It is impossible to reproduce the special atmosphere when you sit down on the car right from the 80s this atmosphere, of Alfredo allowed us to try it one last time before leaving his faithful horse, Currently, she patiently waits for hot potential buyer.

In the family & # 39; and each regretted his departure. "My girls are 18 and 14 years loved the car. They are boring. There, they got used to small. And I have a granddaughter who loved to 6 years old with me … Even my little 4-year-old son is also sadly"Says Alfred. After all, with miles that go on for many years, some machines sometimes get a little bit more than just a car …

David Fourmanois

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