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Asthma: the end of the crisis!


On the occasion of World Asthma Day in 2019, "Breath 64" (Committee against respiratory diseases) went on Monday in Pau hospital to conduct an awareness campaign among the population,

today 7 people die every day of asthma in the world, in spite of the treatment, and they & # 39 are extremely effective. Throughout the day, "the breath 64" offered by screening patients and tips that they have learned to better manage their disease.

May 7 will celebrate World Asthma Day and the launch of a campaign to raise awareness of the disease: Asthma Tolerance 0. This disease is too trivial impact on the daily lives of patients who can be improved or avoided in this connection, a review of asthma, crisis prevention and treatment professor Chantal Raherison Semjen, respiratory diseases department at Bordeaux University hospital.

  • Why is it so important to talk with asthma?
    Supported Evil asthma with & # 39; is a serious & # 39; oznym disease, resulting in a 2 to 3 deaths per day in France. "For many years, it was a little accustomed to asthma. The idea is to attract the attention to the fact that this is not a trivial disease, it can be a serious & # 39; serious, but now many solutions. We can do better, to improve the lives of asthma patients, informing them about the disease and raise awareness about the importance of better management. It is the goal of the company with the support of a multidisciplinary committee. "
  • What is asthma?
    "Asthma is a & # 39 is a disease of the lungs, that is, the tube through which we breathe," said Dr. Chantal Raherison Semjen. "It is characterized by inflammation of the bronchi, which are becoming more sensitive to the environment. Result, the patient will experience breathing problems, simply by setting the ladder. She would cough and can be a victim of recurrent bronchitis. "
  • Why are we talking about a few asthma?
    "This is a very heterogeneous disease, which is better known and more scientific point of view. Most patients suffer from intermittent form, that is, light with a very rare discomfort. But a minority will be a serious & # 39; severe asthma that requires specialized medical care. "
  • What is asthma?
    According to Professor Raherison Semjen, ¬ęcan be an asthmatic without experiencing an asthma attack. However, many patients suffer. It's a hard and an acute episode, in which the respiratory discomfort, so that the patient should stop any activity. He feels depressed, with the inability to fill your lungs. "
  • What are the consequences?
    An asthma attack can lead to hospitalization. Worse than that, "unfortunately, we know that in some cases it can be fatal. 850 deaths in force in France every year. "Asthma and its crisis sounded very much on the quality of life of patients. Thus, 77% of people with severe asthma may not keep physical activity and over 50% had at least one hit during the night the last seven days.
  • How to prevent crisis?
    "Firstly, it must be diagnosed by a doctor in order to have the care, the evaluation of allergies, an action plan and good drugs" simply says Professor Raherison Semjen. "There is a basic treatment, which reduces the frequency and severity of seizures. That is why it is important to follow a doctor's prescription, even if he does not suffer from any symptoms. However, only one of the two patients take their medication. "
  • Treatment for each patient?
    "We really are now in the era of personalized treatment and appropriate care based on the factors to which the patient is exposed to and, of course, on the severity of their asthma."

Keep control of asthma

Since May 7, thus, entirely dedicated to this disease will be launched campaign. It is assumed that this is unacceptable today that the patient may suffer more asthma attacks. The aim of informing and raising awareness about the disease and the right decisions to keep control of their asthma. It will, among others, as the website. Finally, a Facebook page Asthma ": 0 tolerance! "You will learn about the disease through a mini-quiz, infographics …

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