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Host Strike participated in the new Laury Thilleman event. Off Roads is about interviewing celebrities in all-terrain vehicles in the middle of nowhere.

Fan rally, Vincent Lagaf & # 39; s comfortable in the vehicle, with the host. Glad, he said that his son would be jealous when he went to see the picture and added that he had no problem saying "I love you". Surely because when he was a child he never really heard it. Indeed, he had a rather complicated beginning of life.

"I am out of public help, it is very complicated for my biological mother. She works in a textile factory. The foreman must … maybe … I don't know. She ended up with this boy. He tried to cancel it. At in 1958, abortion was carried out with knitting needles. It was horror. And I survived it. I am here. Maybe that is what gives me anger to live, "he told Laury Thilleman, surprised

April 1, symbolic date

The 59-year-old presenter will then cry when he returns to adoption and his relationship with his 28-year-old son Robin. "My biological mother legally left me in public care. On March 31, there were people who came to see me and decided to adopt me. On April 1, I was adopted. Robin, my son, was born on April 1. This crazy. This is crazy as a trick. So you understand why I tell my child that I love him every day, "he said irritably. A very touching sequence that won't leave anyone who is indifferent. (The Morning)

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