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Benjamin Biolay: «I gave voice"



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Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 6:22 pm

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Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 6:22 pm

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Benjamin Biolay embodies the dark and mysterious character in the next batch of captain Marlow.

So what animates his radio show Les Bleus buzzwords on the Opal Coast, Eva finds herself in communication with Chloe. Upset, the latter confided to live. The shot did not call, and then, nothing. A young woman is found dead in a few hours. A new case of captain that Marleau has several potential killers in the viewfinder.

Rare on the small screen, Benjamin Biolay agreed embodies photographer Phillip Luv for episode Voice in the night with captain Marlow (This Friday at The One). "This was the year that Josée Dayan, director of the series, wanted to do something together. There are a few months, she offered me this role MarleauI said to myself: Why not! In addition, I am fully committed to the series and Karin Masero"Says Benjamin Biolay, who loved to play in front of the main actress."I had a great shoot. I love working with Karin, because both of you are victims of his improvisation and his partner. I'm there, so I loved working with her and the rest of the cast who were thinking."

We left you Carte Blanche Josée Dayan about your character?

"Oh yes, it is. This is a script written by Josée Dayan and her colleagues, and that is how I understood. I'm not one to ask any thing in relation to the script. I allow myself to be. "

Tell us a little about your character, Philippe Louveau …


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