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Besix has canceled the provision of market Galley Wanty after work …


The Council of State has given the expense of Wallonia, has kept the galley and Wanty for a major project in the tour, but the applicant Besix little reason to rejoice …

There is a little less than four years, the Walloon Region was awarded the public good market in the tour of the company and the duo galley Wanty. These were the adjustments to be made in the area of ​​the bridge of the bridge in the context of the expansion of the Scheldt, to ensure the passage of large barges (2000 tonnes) in the "corridor" length of 250 meters is considered from the point of view of the movement of vessels through, as a bottleneck. Tandem Entrepreneurs were selected from six candidates. There were beautiful people, one thinks, for example, dredging group Jan De Nul and builder CFE or Duchesne. Just turned on Besix, construction giant.

It ranked second, he had I decided to challenge the decision Wallonia before the Council of State.

level requirements

The case took a while. In particular, it has been glazed withdrawn by Besix, its effect is suspended, so that at the same time, it has become a place, and even made! The State Council has just handed down its decision in the beginning of this month. And it is surprising that he decided to review the decision about the region.

So he gave credence to the arguments put forward by the Board Besix, based on the fact that it is regarded as a violation of the contract documents and tender messages, published by the State: it does not find a Minimum level requirements or to assess economic and financial capabilities of the applicantsNone of them technical and professional capacityRoyal Decree of 15 July 2011 on public procurement in the traditional sectors, however, provides a clearly recalled his advice. His reasoning: if the region has provided the minimum requirement, galley and Wanty would probably not choose to remove the market.

After an exchange of arguments, the State Council finally considered the application on the basis and therefore annulled the choices made in the region October 21, 2015.


Although the amount was not disclosed in court, he comes back he goes, the Big Dipper, market of ten million eurosWhat can Besix with the court? The answer makes sense: it can go and ask for compensation in court. "In such a procedure, generally require ten per cent of the market value," we breathe a lawyer. Or one million.

This is a good script? Besix to call headquarters. "It's too early to meet you, tell us. We will consider what action to return. "

In Wanty headquarters, one does not: "The company is not aware of this fact"He grows his spokesman. It will hurt the rest of them to worry, as this is an area that is called.

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