Tuesday , August 3 2021

COPD: "People continue to smoke and started very young"

In the video, an interview with & # 39; w Dr. Pablo Ferrer, a pulmonologist.

COPD & # 39 is a chronic, slowly progressive disease of the lung. The main cause of the disease with & # 39 is non-smoking. "By that time, as tobacco and harmful agents, it will continue to evolve. (…) At the present time, according to the WHO (World Health Organization, Ed), COPD & # 39 is the third leading cause of death worldwide. unfortunately not from Polynesia & # 39 is an exception, because people continue to smoke as around the world, and above all, they start very young, " says Dr. Pablo Ferrer, a pulmonologist.

Alexis Frogier smoked for a long time. As he was stopped for 10 years. And yet: "It's not 100%. I'm at 75%. I have to go see a pulmonologist. I do not suffocating … and yet the results are there. "

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