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Dinosaur Extinction: the discovery of fossils from the day of the asteroid to hit Earth


The team of researchers has discovered in the United States very well preserved fossils of fish killed there 66 million years, when the impact of the asteroid responsible for the disappearance of 75% of life on Earth and possibly dinosaurs.

These fossils of fish and other animal ancestors have been found in North Dakota, in 3000 km from the crater Chicxulub, where an asteroid collision has occurred in the Caribbean.

The study, which will be published on Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows how this event was very quickly a devastating impact on large areas, said the lead author, Robert DePalma, cites a dedicated website EurekAlert,

"It's like a museum in the late Cretaceous to the layer thickness of one meter and a half," describes Mark Richards, co-author and professor emeritus of the University of California at Berkeley in the statement of the institution.

Tremors caused by an asteroid strike spawned giant waves in the inner sea, where is now North Dakota, which is reaching the river the fish posture, facing this, the statement said, streams of stones and garbage, who met them before the second wave will come and bury them. Then they turned to stone over time.

"The interweaving of freshwater fish, terrestrial vertebrates, the trees (…) and other sea creatures that have been pressed into this layer," said Robert DePalma.

Before being killed, fish breath –des fragments ejected promoted under the influence of the asteroid, link researchers, who found piles in the gills. Some fish can be killed simply because of ingestion, they say.

Biological find distinctive online. "At least, a few samples are new species, and other best examples of its kind", welcomed Mr. DePalma.

"We look for a moment with the help of an instant recording of one of the most important events in Earth's history. No other site in the door track like this. "


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