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Drink a bottle of wine a week comes to smoking 10 cigarettes


In a study published March 28 in the journal BMC Public Health, The team of researchers has demonstrated increased the risk of cancer men and women with the consumption bottle of wine week. Why compare with cigarettes? According to them, given the equivalent of a cigarette can influence public opinion, simply.

The book we read: "This study represents the first attempt to use the well-connected and well explained between cancer and tobacco […] which has not yet been able to reach most of the population. "In fact, everyone knows that Smoking increases the risk of cancerBut alcohol is not so bad. Hear a certain amount of alcohol equivalent to the number of cigarettes in terms of cancer risk is useful for the general public, the researchers say.

Women are more at risk

The purpose of the group was to show that even with moderate alcohol consumptionCancer risk is increased. According to the survey, women are more vulnerable to alcohol. The researchers explain this gender difference in risk is much greater for breast cancer in women. "These results may help to understand that moderate alcohol consumption with & # 39 is a significant risk to public health of women."

To make the most exact comparison of the transaction with the same disease

However, the researchers stress that the study does not say that moderate drinking actually went back to smoking. Studies are taken into account only the risk of cancer instead of other health problems such as heart disease. The goal is to make the comparison as fair as possible in front of the same disease. In percentage terms, a bottle of wine increases the risk of cancer by 1.4% in women and by 1% in humans.

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