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Gerard Depardo becomes a new Maigret



According Satelifaksa Commissioner Jules Maygret soon resume service in the film under the guise of following the resignation of Gerard Depardyo Daniel Avteila.

Gutarkavav Jean Richard on television for over 20 years, then Bruno Cremer from 1991 to 2005. (But also Atkinsan Rowan, also known as Mr. Bean, on British television), Maigret Commissioner has already been the subject of a string of feature films. Viewers have been able to see him in the hall under the n & # 39; esami P & # 39; EPA Renoir, Michel Simon and Jean's office. And in this famous series of crimes that give special care to restore the atmosphere of the 50s and surveys the time you are talking about it.

known director bronzeIn March, Patrice Leconte revealed his plan to adapt one of Commissioner Maigret adventures on the big screen. And Daniel out in the lead role. But the 69-year-old actor, who will soon be white flasks Nicolas Bedas finally lift according Satellifax. And Gerard Depardo showing the film today Tour de France (Cyclic, but the seasonal repetition!), Which was chosen to embody in his place this mythical Belgian-French fantastic character, the hero of 28 stories and 75 crime novels written by Georges Symenonam.

This adaptation of the film will be the first collaboration between the sacred monster of 70-year-old French film director Patrice Leconte and. If the shooting should begin in late 2019, its release date is still unknown. Recall, the movie will revolve around novel Maigret and the young dead, Published in 1954 and in which the body of a young woman dressed in evening dress, is an area of ​​Paris.

Depardyo and its substrate Belgian …

If the information is confirmed that Gerard Depardo translate to the big screen Mavreta Commissioner Jules, it is impossible that his double for some scenes muskulaturnyh. We recently met with one of his official aircraft. And he's Belgian. His name? Olivier Bisbek, 46-year-old Aalst. Official movie actor Matthias Shoenerta Olivier Bisbek also doubled two more Belgian, such as Jean-Claude Van Damme (on film) JCVD) or Benoit in Polvarda NTBut, above all, a certain … Gerard Depardo – "We are always with him laugh! He's a great guy –– in exceptional convoy where he understands the waterfall on the stairs. "In the back, when I omit the shoulders, we have the same pattern. They just put on a suit," fat "belly and a wig, but if you go in pairs, you do not see the difference!" concludes the one who often repeat their tricks with stars.


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