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Hoax on Twitter blocked the account


This is a joke, that, unfortunately, closed a few thousand people, now circulating on Twitter and uses the ignorance of the network rules for the victims. They publish tweets, in which they argue that the change in his date of birth in 2007, provides a new color, administrator privileges, or certified by.

Now, to have an account with Twitter, you should have at least 13 years, the platform, thus blocking by the action in question, and it becomes complex to restore access.

Twitter users, who believed the hoax and accidentally blocked their accounts can follow the instructions on clearing the message posted on Twitter. Result: The account is automatically blocked.

"We have discovered the deception, which is trying to force users to change their birthday in 2017 in order to, supposedly, unlock new colors," says Twitter support. Then they promised that "hidden" function can be called. Or fill out the online form on the social network.

Without giving the exact figures, the joke is very important to the fact that Twitter is communicating on this issue, asking users'do not do this, you simply disconnected from the network, because you will have less than 13 years".

Approach & # 39 is relatively intrusive, so if you are not enthusiastic about the idea to transfer the document to Twitter, you will have no other choice but to create a new account.

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