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"I wonder who would be the first» Anemone spared on the force Splendid


Anemone started his car & # 39; a career in the theater café Splendid troops.

French actress Anemone, showed a lot of popular comedies of the 80s and engaged citizen, died Tuesday at the age of 68 "long illness", less than two years after the end of his car & # 39; EASURES led to the theater as in the cinema.

"It's good, very good, that is, without hunger." "On a mop, it's great, Teresa, I am very happy … no stone from the & # 39 is a vest": these replicas in Santa dirt become cults, as well as his character Teresa, a volunteer slightly delayed for «SOS distress -Druzhba ". It will not keep good memories of that time and said that he had quarreled with Splendid squad for the history of money. Quarrel "final", she told the World.

Thierry Lhermitte said he was "upset." "Farewell, my friend," said he wrote on his Twitter account.

"I keep the memory of the great actress, with whom we have shared moments of great games and pitch & # 39; lunatic laughter exceptional" said to AFP Christian Clavier, who says that his "great sorrow."

"I did not know that she was sick, but Anemone were not someone who dwell on his personal life," said Balasko AFP, which causes the "eccentric cinema", "a great actress who has little shot" basically.

"She has done wonderful things after she had made a" big way "," in a more sensitive role that earned him a César Award for Best Actress in 1988, he reacted Michel Blanc on the RTL. "It was this comic force in the However, she was very beautiful, very attractive and very Var & # 39; Hm, she was always very Var & # 39; yatka ", described the actor, adding:" When we were 25, we were wondering which company will go first Who we are. we know. "

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