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Kidney transplant is carried out through donor HIV violation


"It was 30 years ago, the disease was a death sentence. But now, people with HIV can save lives! "Enthusiastically surgeon Dorry Segev.

For the first time in the United States, the young woman alive has HIV, can make organ donation. "People with AIDS, previously systematically excluded from such processes" writes Le Parisien The position information.

This is the first operation was performed at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore (Maryland). The kidney was taken from Nina Martinez, 35, and then grafted onto human achievement itself is AIDS, which was made public gender or identity.

The graft was successful

The operation was successful, and graft, or (e) "is doing great," said Professor Christine Durand.

This first operation with a & # 39 is new hope and is facing a shortage of organs and HIV, especially 10,000 dialysis final stage renal failure, by professors estimated.

Inspired by this perspective, the HIV-positive potential donors have already contacted Dr. Segev. The latter, however, carefully, donor selection will initially be very strict time.

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