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Lawyer Laetishiya Holliday, David and Laura "in denial"


After hearing this Friday, March 29, for the legacy of Johnny Hallyday, the singer's widow's lawyer, David attacked and ENT.

It was the audience that many expected in a court case between Laetishiem Holliday and older children Johnny. Within three hours, the two sides faced to try to prove, on the one hand, Laeticia, Johnny was more American than French, on the other hand, rocking children, on the contrary. The fact is, suras & # 39; ozna because the verdict will have an effect, if John is considered to be a citizen of the United States, the California law, which will be applied and the entire inheritance reverts to his widow. If it is considered French, 25% of his legacy will return to Laeticia, and the remaining 75% will be divided between his four children.

After the failure on Wednesday California court to transfer a part of Johnny Hallyday assets in a trust whose sole beneficiary was Laetishiya Holliday, the first victory of David and Laura, so it was in France that there was a new hearing.

For Masters Ardavan Amir Aslan, Laeticia lawyer, the US decision to & # 39 is a shock. " There are things that shocked us the anti-truth. For them, indecent aspects. Children continue, after the failure of the last wishes of his father, denied the reality of that choice. His life in the United States, his desire to live there. Sun is prohibited until it is obvious. Reject Reality. "

No sentence has not been imposed after a hearing for that, it was not until May 28.

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