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Ligue 1: PSG for another remontada, beating Montpellier


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And one remontada for the SG Paris, knocking Montpellier (3-2), leading 2-1 and controlled the game on Tuesday, the 34th day of Ligue 1!

As a symbol, a terrible blunder Paredes offered to the winner Souleymane Camara (85).

The Argentinian, who has never justified 41 million euros paid this winter Zenit St. Petersburg, who personifies the space in midfield, fell asleep on the revival of Gianluigi Buffon and striker deserved Montpellier (36) accepted the offer.

PSG did not forget his final defeat Coupe de France against Rennes (2-2, 6-5 t.a.b.). His mind is still weak, the same as Presneli Kimpemby.

World Champion "receive" their second goal in the match against his camp (21) for four days after the one that initiated the remontada Ren.

Paris SG and tips for the third time in a row in the street in Ligue 1, Montpellier advantage of his success to climb to fifth place in the standings.

Tuchel, PSG coach, still indicates a poorly constructed effective, is too short for UGS ambitions.

"Every three days we'll be playing with 13 players, with 16 ever, we are the only club in the top ten in Europe to do so," thundered German.

Paris led twice

UGS still performed twice, first other «CSC» Ambrose Oyongo (12).

PSG once touched by KO Montpellier blows to the choice of Tuhelj and Angel Di Maria (62) give an advantage in Paris.

But Andy Delort (80), who missed all that time again aligned to the action of playing in a flash: Stimulus Leconte, a large deviation Mole and Delort race "cold" bad Kimpembe.

Tuchel, who complained after Rennes inability of his players to kill the game, will be able to chew.

The German coach, who won "only» Ligue 1, however, gave his side some answers on the field.

His change at half-time paid off. He released Eric Choupo-Moting, dangerous only once (35) put layvin kurzawa left lane. Bernat comes amid Neymar and formed a duo attack with Di Maria.

Kimpembe in fog

Brazilian shone in the first period, as N.10 with his blows kidney and long passes to the tapered section, especially one that brings the first goal.

In the second half, the PSG regained control of the game and scored a goal taken away, but Mary countered enjoying clearance Ilton fool Benjamin Lecomte. "Vita", 41, badly celebrated his recent contract extension for another year …

Paris would have to nail the coffin without a fair acrobatic save on his line by Pedro Mendes shot from Draxler (69).

Montpellier but never discouraged. Already at 1-1, he stopped PSG on the ropes. But Gaëtan Laborde bad feeling good ball Molly (27), and then Buffon hit a powerful shot Andy Delort (30), and then a shootout Le Tallec (32).

The Italian legend was also a free kick boxer Mole (41).

Molly, brought an equalizer This is part of the set. Le Tallki headed in a free kick from its leader, the ball was rejected Kimpembe cheat Gigi Buffon.

UGS was then confusion. Kimpembe, in particular, was lost in the fog: a warning for a foul on Laborde (28), the champion of the world and offered Delort go a long distance shot …

TUCHEL men again fell under the blows of the end of the second period, Montpellier felt that feat was possible.

It Paillade doubling Marseille on goal difference and five lengths back to Saint-Etienne, he attended for two days. The dream still lives in Europe. For PSG, at the end of the season is a nightmare.

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