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means for French medical deserts?


For simple consultation acts teleconsultation with a & # 39 is a breakthrough in access to health care. © Shutterstock

The revolution in medical institutions, began on September 15 2018. The next day, around teleconsultation law came into force, the integration of remote attack in the process of withdrawal and authorizing reimbursement of social security.

With this on the & # 39; waking, many teleconsultation platform opened in all of France, the initiative approved by the organizations, health professionals and the private operators. But the beginning of timid, despite the government's ambition to promote 500,000 remote actions in 2019, and to 1.3 million by 2021 To achieve this, he will explain, persuade, monitoring of new electronic dealers -Health and cause some concerns, associated with the fear of low-cost medical and inhuman.

The diagnosis in a few clicks?

In fact, 45% of the French "" I do not know exactly what "teleconsultation, according to Carte Blanche survey, published in December, the French Society for Telemedicine and" "only 17.7% have an accurate knowledge"

The problem, however, is paramount. In addition to technological advances, telemedicine and teleconsultation by the way, offers a real answer to the phenomenon of medical desertification, where the arrival of broadband enables. "Some of my patients who live in the Vercors. They are about sixty kilometers of mountain roads, come to Valencia "And the famous Dr. Eric Fonta, co-founder of MEDVU platform.

Connecting to the Internet, webcam or the smartphone and the contact made with a few mouse clicks, to act on a certain distance (see cons) and the price is similar physical consultation. "Teleconsultation is not a substitute assignment at the office, but complements it. It will keep a close relationship, saving precious time, instead of taking four times a year of my patients with chronic diseases, I do not get no more than twice "Adds doctor Drôme, the agenda of which greatly facilitated.

Strictly regulated use

According to the aforementioned study, 51.9% of the French would be open to the act removed. This is encouraging, but still leaves a lot of indecision, very attached to direct communication with their doctor, on the edge of the digital highway.

Teleconsultation, however, is particularly well designed: "In order to pay, it should fit into the process of care, whether at the initiative of a doctor and should precede and individual consultations"He says do we GSK SARA, the operational arm of the Regional Agency for Health for the development of e-health in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

An organization that helps private operators who want developed its own platform teleconsultation MonSisra, free of charge. According to its director Bertrand Pellet, "The service was opened in late December and 175 consultations have already identified in January. Monthly rate, which may reasonably be ten times before the end of the year "Medicine of the future on!

Courlygones for children too!

Established in 2005 to combat congestion in pediatric emergencies, where only 20% of visits resulting in hospitalization, the combination Courlygones provides simple messages for parents: what to do in case of fever, burns, eczema … first on the sheets and on the Internet, and , starting in 2009, passing the center 15, by e-consultation. This has the advantage of advice (often more than enough!) Doctor, nurse or midwife, without leaving home. Good for children, encouraging parents and everything useful for emergency services personnel!

teleconsultation guide

How does this work

The connection is made on the teleconsultation platform that adheres to the doctor or specialist (ophthalmologist, gynecologist, psychiatrist …) This e-mail address for your patient, who only has to click on the link to the video to get access to a secure website via his computer (with webcam) or smartphone. It is therefore very important to have a good internet connection.

For some medical procedures?

  • Regular monitoring chronic diseases
  • Update prescriptions (e-mail)
  • The answer to simple health problems
  • medical care in nursing homes

What return?

Repayment of teleconsultation similar direct consultation between 23 and 72 € (depending on the agreement in the specialty and physician). Medical insurance share (70%) and mutual assistance (30%) are also the same. In order to be covered, teleconsultation must register in the way of patient care, which acts as a subscription to the platform, if the latter is not a & # 39 is free. Some health supplement offer to repay the subscription.

And private operators?

Open to those wishing to obtain a medical report, some private platform (Quare, Doctolib, Levee, MesDocteurs, HelloCare …) also offer free consultations. Running Claremont Feelae and offers on their appointments Leah service in 5 minutes with general practitioners, without time limit, from 7 am to 23 hours, 7 days 7, for … 19 € per call. If performed outside the course of medical care, a private body, however, it is not reimbursed by CPAM. Some of these platforms are supported, that mutual insurance can offer return.


Five telemedicine acts:
– The teleconsultation: remote communication between doctor and patient
– Body-Expertise: Remote sharing of information between health professionals to collect a notice with external experts
– Remote Monitoring: Remote data provided by the patient's mouth or other health care providers
– Remote Assistance: Remote Assistance from another health care professional
– Medical response: as part of the medical regulation (15 centers)

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