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Messenger: Facebook promises a new light and ultra-fast application


Facebook Search to be fully restored. Developers almost start again from scratch in terms of code size will greatly facilitate the application and make it much faster than at present, and while keeping all the current functions. App for Windows, MacOS, and is also in the process of preparation.

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This April 30, 2019, begins F8 Facebook Conference, which will last two days. Upstream of the first scheduled performance, the company Mark Zuckerberg shared information about Messenger future. Firstly, the project was presented LightSpeed. It is a complete reconstruction of the instant messaging application to run on a sound basis. The goal is that the application weighs less than 30 MB (three times less than at present), and it can be started for less than two seconds, even on some powerful smartphone.

Facebook Messenger will become faster and weighs less difficult

Users can already benefit from easy and quick application with Messenger Lite. But here we are talking about the performance of the Messenger Lite from the base application functionality Messenger. It will not, however, happen at once, and we can expect a year of transition for the entire code considers warns Asha Sharma, of the Messenger. It is also possible to think that the code revision comes as part of the merger WhatsApp messaging, Instagram and Facebook Messenger has confirmed. A topic that has not yet been returned to the group at the moment.

Other on & # 39 ads, Facebook Messenger is preparing a desktop application for Windows, and Mac OS. This will benefit all or most of the features found on the mobile phone, such as video calls, and so will be more comprehensive than the desktop application WhatsApp, for example. It is being tested and should be released sometime in 2019.

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