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MICROLED screens: Foxconn bet they will displace OLED smartphones


Foxconn wants to become a major player in the next display technology that needs to & # 39 appears as the future standard: in MICROLED. The Group invests in order to be ready when Apple's, will need such plates for your iPhone.

iphone microled screen
IPhone XR

Foxconn to invest in the development of screens MICROLED can win the tender, that Apple will begin to equip the next generation iPhone, media reported Economic Daily News Chinese. Taiwanese artist seems to firmly believe that the Cupertino-based company (and its competitors, but the priority should be attractive to the Apple brand, leading) will be moving to this technology in the coming years, and is already preparing, Currently, Samsung provides the majority of the last OLED iPhone.

iPhone MICROLED future are equipped with screens?

Producer South Korea also are also interested in this technology, but it is not a priori directly on the smartphone market. Samsung introduced a 4K TV screen MICROLED 75 inches at CES 2019 seems much count on it in the TV sector. The question is whether Samsung Display sur & # 39; ozna looked at the issue for a mobile phone, if it is already at the beginning of the best panels available on the market.

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In MICROLED screens are considered the new standard that should prevail in the coming years, as it has a LCD and OLED advantages of leaving certain disadvantages. With MICROLED, pixels themselves emit light, so there is no need to add an additional layer of illumination on the screen as LCD panels, which are thus thicker This makes it difficult to integrate a fingerprint scanner, as LCD screen as well.

MICROLED, in contrast to the OLED, Sun organic compounds. The main problem with OLED & # 39 is the deterioration of the pixels on the long-term (burning), a problem that does not know this technology. Who are against even able to display deep blacks, high contrast and color accuracy, as to exactly what the OLED-panel. Finally, these new displays promise a higher brightness for a smooth energy consumption. In short, a lot of advantages, and we strive to know when the first smartphones that will be equipped.

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