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Microsoft has become increasingly distanced Markus Persson, Minecraft creator because of his comments and opinions


Minecraft, remember that this is a video game from dvelopp Swede Markus Persson, aka of Notch, and then in the development studio Mojang. This video game immerses players in a world GnR alatoirement and consists of voxels. The game is about & # 39; combines ax systems Kraft on the use of natural resources (minralogiques, fossils, animals and vgtales) and turning them into products. In 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang for $ 2.5 billion. Lquipe with Mojang therefore joined Microsoft Studios original game Halo, Fable and Forza.

Already at that time, the author of the game Marcus Persson, said he was removed from his business to new adventures. In his blog, he returned to the huge success of Minecraft, and stress that accompanied. Persson said that he already has it for many years, to resign envisages the development of Minecraft, but it was only because the rest of the community has confirmed that is essential to the culture of the game.

Markus Persson aka Notch

He was not even invited to the tenth anniversary of Minecraft because of his comments and opinions, has dclar Microsoft Variety, the American magazine. Minecraft creator recently made comments seen controverss on white supremacy and transphobia on Twitter, prompting Microsoft to break off relations with him. Comments and opinions do not reflect Microsoft and Mojang point of view or not reprsentatifs Minecraft has dclar spokeswoman Microsoft Variety.

The representative also said that Persson was not longer involved in Minecraft development, since he sold the studio and the rights to the game in 2014. Persson, who was once a member of the community, participating in video game development, more loign with his comments on Twitter, including statements and comments about htrosexuelle transphobic day of pride and argue that it can be white. Persson about 3.7 million followers on Twitter.

Updating the game in the last month removed the text of the loading on the reference notches Minecraft Persson solutions. Microsoft How to cancel the decision, says Variety. According to the executive Microsoft, Persson did not participate in the press conference organized in the studio Mojang Minecraft Stockholm in May. According to the Microsoft environment, this anniversary will sintresser the past, the present and the future promise of this franchise dunes decades old.

Source: Variety

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What do you think?
How do you justify the comments Persson?
Microsoft is out of the case as well?

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