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N-VA to submit its plan of 10 points for Migration and wants to eliminate dual nationality



Nationalist Party presented its plan on Saturday 10 items on migration.

N-VA on Saturday presented a plan of 10 points for Migration. According to the Flemish nationalists, this plan should lead to the asylum and migration "humane and fair." The party supporters, including an end to illegal migration, limited access to social security, increased language requirements and the abolition of dual citizenship.

After his studies confederalism matinees and écoréalisme, N-VA has organized on Saturday in Brussels a conference on migration and integration.

The theme is highlighted when the party left the federal government in protest against the approval of the UN treaty on migration, but has since been supplanted by some that climate. Migration is a topic that mobilizes citizens, said former Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken.

Therefore, the N-VA has to offer "Useful and effective solutions"We have to control the migration as "of particular interest in the individual migrant common interest of the whole society "He said. "Absorption capacity of our country and our society is not a & # 39 is unrestricted. "" Currently, illegal migration should be replaced by legal migration, our initiative and our pace, focusing on the people who do not have access to a stable defense in the region, as the Christians were persecuted Middle East "He recognized Mr. Franke.

We must also invest more in hosting refugees in their region of origin, to limit access to social security, impose a higher income to bring relatives over taken & # 39; family unity & # 39; and both require a better knowledge of Dutch.

Finally, N-VA wants to remove the dual citizenship. "Anyone who wants to become a member of our society and to defend the political rights can wear a cap here. Who wants to get our citizenship must first renounce their original nationality " He concluded Theo Francken.

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